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Guadix Monuments

Guadix – Cathedral of the Incarnation

Guadix Monuments

Guadix – Cathedral of the Incarnation

The impressive Cathedral of the Incarnation is located in the square of the same name, next to the Diocese, a few meters from the School of Applied Arts and Crafts, the College of the Divine Intantita, the Villalegre Palace and the Concepcion Convent, in the Andalusian town of Guadix, Granada province.

Construction work began in the 16th century and continued intermittently until the 18th century. All the major architectural styles of the Modern Age Gothic Renaissance, Baroque and neo classical are represented. The foundations were laid on the site of what had been the city´s principal mosque, to which a first Gothic body was added between 1510 and 1521. Shortly afterwards the building was enlarged with another body of the same style.

In 1549 Diego Siloé began a new Renaissance project for the apse, and the perimeter walls of the apse aisle, the lower body of the tower and the round chapel of San Torcuato also correspond to this period. The sacristy and the tower, with its belfry bearing the date 1710, were eventually completed after a long delay. Most of the cathedral´s structure and external appearance date from the 18th century when, from 1713 onwards, the architects Vicente Acero, Gaspar Cayón and Fernández Pachote executed their own original designs in what was a marvelous job of integration and harmonization of the earlier elements with the more recent structures. Contributions were also made during this stage by Blas Antonio Delgado y Hurtado Izquierdo. The parts of the building erected in the 16th century exerted a decisive influence over some of the later works, such as the gothic vaults and the original arrangement of the columns in the nave and aisles, adorned with Corinthian and Doric capitels at the same time. Baroque additions to the interior included the elegant main chapel and the dome.

Outside, the Santiago gate and especially, the main façade are particularly interesting due to the original positions of the leaning buttresses and the imaginative decoration, which turn it into an architectural screen of great plastic expressivity. Ceremonial furnishings of note include the pulpits and the choir stalls, which reflect the involvement of Torcuato Ruiz del Peral, and numerous 18th century Baroque altarpieces, paintings and sculptures. The neo classical retrochoir and tabernacle were designed by Domingo Lois. The modern Cathedral Museum contains a number of exhibits, including a magnificent collection of gold and silver items.

Cathedral of the Incarnation - Guadix

Cathedral of the Incarnation

San Torcuato Chapel - Cathedral of the Incarnation

Púlpito - Cathedral of the Incarnation


Cathedral of the Incarnation Bell Tower

Guadix Town Hall

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