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Guadix Monuments

Guadix – Concepcion Convent

Guadix Monuments

Guadix – Concepcion Convent

The Concepcion Convent is located on the street of the same name, a few minutes from the impressive Cathedral and the Villalegre Palace, in the heart of the monumental center of the town of Guadix, province of Granada.

Located on what was once the central thoroughfare of the Islamic medina, linking the Alcazaba and the main Mosque, which stands on the site currently occupied by the Cathedral. It was founded in 1561 by Bishop Álvarez de Vozmediano, with the economic support firstly of the Viedma Sotomayor family and later of the Pérez de Barradas family.

Of the original construction at the end of the 16th century only the doorway leading to the convent remains, crowned with a niche and decorated with the typical arcaded gallery from Guadix. The construction of the current church was finished in 1655, but shortly after its completion it was ravaged by a serious fire. It was further damaged by another fire in 1946, and has undergone major restoration work. Its external appearance, with the typical simplicity of a brick and tapial structure, is embellished by two doorways between buttresses, and beautiful esgrafitto strips in the part corresponding to the choir which are unique to the province of Granada.

Inside the white and luminous church there is a delicate altar in marble with engraved marine figures and the face of the old patron saint of the city. Also interesting is the dome covering the staircase of the convent which is beautifully decorated with the religious iconography of death (Glory, Purgatory, Hell and Death) and presided over by an Immaculate accompanied by small angels and warrior archangels. The ensemble is decorated with plaster mouldings and frames and probably originates from between 1620 and 1650.

Concepcion Convent - Guadix

Concepcion Convent

Guadix Town Hall

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