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Guadix Monuments

Guadix – San Miguel Parish Church

Guadix Monuments

Guadix – San Miguel Parish Church

The San Miguel Parish Church is located on the street of the same name, shortly before reaching Santo Domingo Church, the Magdalena Church and the Mirador de la Magdalena (viewpoint), near the Alcazaba, in the town of Guadix, Granada province.

Despite its present state, the original parish church of San Miguel is an example of diocesan architecture of particular interest. The first temple to stand here was the old mosque, which had the present tower added during the office of bishop Antonio del Águila (1537-1545), as shown in its coat of arms. Work began on a new building between 1560 and 1568, by which time the project was clearly Renaissance influenced, in contrast with the Mudejar style evident in earlier parish buildings in Guadix.

Unfortunately the ambitious plan to build this great temple was thwarted by the Morisco uprising. The project was again taken up at the end of the 16th century and later, in the second half on the 17th century, but it was never completed. The original project designer may have been the stonemason Juan de Arredondo, master of the cathedral from 1559 to 1573. Elements of interest in the present building, which is currently undergoing a process of rehabilitation, include its lower perimeter, made up entirely of ashlar stone, and the apse with its semicircular main chapel, high Tuscan pillars in the transept and coffered ceiling vaults. The thick stone ribs of the vault springs for the unfinished side chapels are visible from the outside. The side door is also interesting for its typical late 16th early 17th century iron fittings.

Other attractions include the area formed by the apse and the arch known as the Arco de los Mensafies and the adjacent streets.

San Miguel Parish Church - Guadix

San Miguel Parish Church Tower - Guadix

Guadix Town Hall

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