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Guadix Monuments

Guadix – San Torcuato Church

Guadix Monuments

Guadix – San Torcuato Church

The San Torcuato Church is located in C/ Abentofail 1 (street), near the Corregidores Square and just few minutes from the Cathedral, the Alcazaba and the Concepción Convent, in the monumental town of Guadix, Granada province, Andalusia.

Originally part of the old Jesuit School of San Torcuato, this church was commissioned in 1599 by Bishop Juan de Fonseca and partly funded by some local families. Its foundation coincided with the arrival in Guadix of the remains of Saint Torcuato (first bishop and evangelist of the area), whose cause and doctrine, as well as those of other local martyrs, like saints Fandila and Luparia, drew staunch support in the city. The school had a great social prestige and intellectual influence until the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1767.

The construction of San Torcuato Church was begun between 1615 and 1622 inaugurated in the first half of the 17th century despite the fact only the head of the building and part of the nave had been completed. It seems that in the end no further building took place and it remained only partly finished. Its brick and tapial walls are extremely bare and austere and its verticality is enhanced by the fact that most of the body of the nave is still uncompleted. On the main façade there is a coat of arms of the Bourbon dynasty which was added in 1768 when the church housed the Royal Hospital. On the side which is currently covered over, with a series of Tuscan.

The most outstanding feature of the San Torcuato Church is the impressively high supported by Tuscan pilasters and covered by a cupola which rest on pendentives. The balconies built above the chapels to allow school children to follow the mass give the building a theatrical character; typical of the Baroque culture. The simple decorative features of the cupola date from the 18th century. The two altarpieces, one originally dedicated to San Ignacio (now to the Virgin of El Carmen), and the main altarpiece, rebuilt with pieces from the old altarpieces of San Francisco Javier, also date from the same period.

San Torcuato Church - Guadix

Guadix Town Hall

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