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Guadix Monuments

Guadix – San Torcuato Gate

Guadix Monuments

Guadix – San Torcuato Gate

The San Torcuato Gate is located on the street of the same name 2, a few minutes from the Cathedral of the Incarnation and very close to the Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Park, in the town of Guadix, province of Granada.

During the Islamic period there was another gate on this site. It was known as the Bib-Bazamarín or Second Gate of Baza because it was situatet at the exit of the Arabic quarter on the road leading to the neighbouring town. The gate we see today, wich was erected in the 16th century, was more political and decorative than military although it was still a gated entry with doors as can be seen in the fact that there are hinge holes on the upper part of the inner gateway.

In the following centuries the gate underwent several restorations, and has recently been refurbished once again. Its location and design suggest that is was build for public ostentation and religious purposes since it houses a small chapel, inaugurated in 1593, which reminds us that when the reamins of the Evangelist Saint arrived in Guadix, they entered the  city through this gate and it was at that time that it was given its current name.

The exterior of the gate is formed by a plastered brick wall with a round arch adjoining a small passageway, one of whose sides contains the door to the chapel. On the façade are three coats of arms representing the Emperor Carlos V, the city itself and Governor Pedro Chacón. Beneath the latter there is a plaque which commemorates the original construction date, 1553. Above the small dome covering the passageway is another plaque alluding to its reconstruction in 1741 and a painting, only partly discernible, which refers to a subsequent restoration carried out between 1880 and 1890.

The balcony on the interior façade was used at specific times for the celebration of public mass and on such occasions its shutters were opened, forming a kind of urban niche.

San Torcuato Gate - Guadix

San Torcuato Gate

Guadix Town Hall

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