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Guadix Monuments

Guadix – Santiago Church and Monastery

Guadix Monuments

Guadix – Santiago Church and Monastery

The Santiago Church and Monastery is located in the Placeta Santiago (square), near the Peñaflor Palace and the Alcazaba, next to Santiago Fountain, in the Andalusian town of Guadix, Granada province.

This was one of 16th century Guadix most prestigious foundations, and enjoyed the special protection of bishop Gaspar de Ávalos. The church is one of four parish churches created after the conquest of Guadix by the Christians, and was designed by the great architect and sculptor Diego Siloé. Moving away from the traditional Mudejar style, he endowed the building with original features such as its monumental façade, the curving finish to its side aisles and the roof framework in the Main Chapel.

The church was built between 1533 and 1551 by the master builder Francisco Centeno. Externally it is particularly attractive thanks to the uneven layout of the roofs, the ceramic spire on the tower and the monumental Renaissance façade, where candelabra, angels, monsters and floral friezes flank the boats of arms of bishop Antonio del Águila and the Emperor Charles V. The half lost and badly worn away figure of Santiago, or St James, as a Pilgrim observes us from the pilaster on the right. Inside, the central nave contains a magnificent example of polychrome. Mudejar coffering decorated with interlocking rings with double ties and corbels. The wall structure in the Main Chapel takes the form of a large shell, with decorative four leaved cupolas in the outer arch and five paneled back walls. The spandrels of the main arch display the coats of arms of Gaspar de Ávalos carved in store.

Adjacent to the church stands the Monastery of Santiago of the Clarissian Order of nuns built from 1540 onwards, this too contains interesting Mudejar wall structures, a Renaissance courtyard surrounded by porticoes and several sculptures and paintings of great artistic value.

Santiago Church and Monastery - Guadix

Santiago Church and Monastery Tower - Guadix

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