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Guadix Monuments

Guadix – Santo Domingo Church

Guadix Monuments

Guadix – Santo Domingo Church

The Santo Domingo Church is located in C/ Real de Santo Domingo 3 (street), near the Alcazaba and San Miguel Church, in the Andalusian town of Guadix.

Pertaining to the convent of the same name, the church was founded by the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella in 1500 and sold off in the 19th century widespread sale of Church lands, called the desamortización. It was built between 1530 and 1550 following the Mudejar pattern found in most Guadix churches. The small Renaissance portal is decorated with the characteristic Dominican emblem of a dog bearing a torch in its mouth.

The interior, originally with a single nave and chancel separated by a pointed arch, was later enlarged with aisles and lateral chapels. The most outstanding feature is the exceptional ensemble of ceilings that cover the nave, the chancel and the former Rosary chapel. The elaborate woodwork has a polychrome finish and displays a varied repertoire of flora and chimera motifs, as well as some interesting portraits. Bearing witness in the chancel to their patronage are the coats of arms of the noble Mendoza family, as occurs with the Dominicans in the nave. The small octagonal ceiling of the early Rosary chapel is admirable for its delicate interlaced woodwork and floral decorations. At the west end is the new Rosary chapel, from the late 17th to early 18th centuries, with a Baroque retable and carmarín shrine. On the walls are paintings with Dominican themes, including a legendary episode of Our Lady of the Rosary in the Battle of Lepanto.

The church´s paintings and sculpted images are mostly modern, outstanding of which is an image of St. Michael, by sculptor Ruiz del Olmo in 1947.

Santo Domingo Church - Guadix

Santo Domingo Church - Central Nave

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