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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Güevejar, Vega de Granada

The andalusian village of Güevéjar can be found on the west side of Castillejo de Nivar, the last peak of the Sierra de la Yiedra, a small part of the Sierra de Arana protruding into the Vega of Granada.

The municipality limits with Cogollos Vega, Nívar, Alfacar, Pulianas, Peligros y Calicasas.

The area was settled from ancient times, as witnessed by the discovery of an arrowhead from to the 8th -7th centuries BC and a second-century Roman artifact preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Granada.

The village is identified before the arrival of the Muslims with a place called Ubexar. In Moorish times, Güevéjar is mentioned by the scholar Ibn al-Khatib as Wabasar. In 1569 the town was almost deserted after the rebellion the Moors and their subsequent expulsion by Felipe II, after forcing them to abandon their Muslim beliefs and customs. Guevejar was repopulated from 1571.

Güevéjar Monuments

Parish Church of San Ildefonso and Santa Cristina
Town Square Fountain

Güevéjar Gastronomy

Güevéjar is one of the municipalities forming part of the production area of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is marketed under the Denomination of Origin “Montes de Granada.” It is also famous also for its homemade sausages, for the cooking of small game, and for typical dishes such as casseroles, migas with ground melon, lamb stew or kid with garlic, along with homemade sweets such as donuts, leche frita and borrachuelos.


Leave Granada. In Pulianas, Take GR-3424. Follow signs to Güevéjar.

Distances from Güevéjar

Jun 10 km
Víznar 9 km
Alfacar 8 km
Albolote 9 km
Peligros 9.5 km
Calicasas 6 km
Granada 10 km
Cogollas de la Vega 5 km
Huétor de Santillan 14 km

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