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Castles in Sevilla

Hierro Castle

Castles in Sevilla

Hierro Castle – (The Iron Castle) Pruna

About the Castle del Hierro

At the top of a rocky cliff whick made it practically steadfast during periods of war. Due to its elevated location, it possesses magnificent views, not only upon contemplating of the fortress but also due to the incomparable country views to be enjoved from it.

The first stable settlement appears to be of the Túrdulos, an ibero peoples who founded a town called Callet where at the present time is the first Roman encampments in the continuous battles for the domination of Hispania.

During the period of the Christian Reconquest, Pruna was situated right in the Moorish Strip, that is why, the watchtower was reinforced by the Muslims with a small parapet to defend themselves from the attack of the Castilian troopes.

Elements that make up what

Only there stay sections of linens of the fortress.

Facts: distances
Fortress that is part of Route of the Castle, Witnesses of the Reconquest
Complete itinerary:

Castle of the Aguzaderas (El Coronil) on A-376, km 52.8 direction Montellano, 3km. Fron The Coronil.

Castle Cote (Montellano) on the A-8127 leadership Coripe, km. 3.5.

Castle Arabic Morón de la Frontera: From A-8127 binds the A-361, alter 19 km. Find Moron de la Frontera, is located in the Herat of the fortress town.

Castillo del Hierro

Castle del Hierro (Pruna): From Morón direction Pruna, on the A-406 and linking the A-363, at 33Kms. It stands the rocky hill.

Medieval Castle (Olvera): Pruna Olvera direction by the A-363 to 7.5 kms. Is the rising strength of this people gaditano on a rock in the middle of town.

Legend: From Sanguino

The Christians who were unable to conquer the villa due to the great resistance of the moors, went to the Los Alcornocales bills and there they captured he-goats and tied torches to their borns, taking these goats to the foot of the castle where they lit the torches. The goats frightened by the fire on theirn borns, ran madly up the cliff and entered the castle at night burning everything they found on their way. The dwellers fled terrified to the other side of the castle, where they jumpend off an impressive gorge into a stream denominated “Sanguino”. The legend says that there was so much blood spilt into the waters of the Sanguino, that its course turned red.

Castillo del Hierro

Castillo del Hierro

Hierro Castle

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  1. John Palmer escribio:

    The paleolithic rock paintings, the megalithic dolmenes, the medieval castillos, all these are not the property of elite archaeologists, rather, these are the common cultural heritage of the people. Care for it well, my friends!

  2. alfonzo alba escribio:

    No escoger un día que sea demasiado caluroso pero que tampoco sea muy frio ya que si corre viento no hay quien lo soporte. La subida no es acta para cualquier persona, pero cuando se llega a la entrada en recodo y se gira te das cuenta que a merecido la pena. Por otra parte, estaría bien que lo cuidaran un poco mas. Nuestro pasado y patrimonio no nos pertenece pero estamos obligados a preservarlo para las generaciones venideras.

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