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Villages in Jaen

Higuera de Calatrava

Villages in Jaen

Higuera de Calatrava, La Campiña Region

Higuera de Calatrava is a small town, located in the South-west of La Campiña, whose municipal district is constituted by olive groves with small areas of herbaceous crops. The stream Salado de Porcuna crosses the town and waters its riverside areas. The small game is abundant in the entire municipal district, being the agriculture and the oil industry the main source of income in the town.

The municipality limits with Porcuna, Torredonjimeno, Santiago de Calatrava and the province of Córdoba.

Higuera de Calatrava was practically rebuilt when the Civil War finished.

Its name tells us that this town belonged to the Orden de Calatrava, like some towns around with them it shares history and whose splendour is found in the Christian conquest Age of al-Andalus kingdoms.

In 1431 in the surrounding areas of the place occurs the battle between Juan II de Castilla and the troops of the kingdom of Granada.

Until 1600 this town belonged to Martos and had the name of Higuera de Martos

Higuera de Calatrava Monuments

Parish Church of La Inmaculada Concepción. Gothic style. It was rebuilt several times.

Torreón (Large fortified tower).


Crumbs: Bread, oil, flour, garlic, chorizos
Rice with rabbit.
Relleno de carnaval (stuffed pork with dough of meatballs)
Arroz con leche (Rice pudding)
Oatmeal porridges with croutons
Manta (pie)

How to get there

You have to exit Jaén and continue through the Road of Córdoba. Then continue in the Motorway A-316. Take the exit towards Torredonjimeno – Córdoba and take the Motorway A-306 towards Córdoba. You have to turn right in JV-2101 and you have got Higuera de Calatrava.

Distances from the town

Jaén 40 km
Porcuna 11 km
Lendínez 5 km
Valenzuela 11 km
Torredonjimeno19 km
Pilar de Moya 12 km
Villardompardo 22 km
Pozo de la Orden 11 km
Santiago de Calatrava 5,5 km

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