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Villages in Huelva


Villages in Huelva


Hinojales is a village in the north of the province, at the edge of Badajoz, with interesting buildings and landmarks such as the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Tortola and the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Consolacion, both classified as places of Cultural Interest.

The closets municipalities to Hinojares are: Cañaveral de León, Cumbres Mayores, Fuentes de León, Cortelazor, Valdelarco and Cumbres de Enmedio.

Its borders are part of the National Park of the Sierra de Aracena and los Picos de Aroche, one of the most important protected areas of the community which occupies the entire north of the province with its meadows and small hills covered predominantly with oak forests, cork trees, chestnut trees and scrub, where numerous streams flow, forming a place of extraordinary beauty. It is ideal for livestock, especially for the Iberian pig, which finds the conditions ideal.

Hinojales has its origins in the epoch of repopulation, although an earlier human presence has been discovered. The repopulation made this town an outpost of the kingdom of Seville, in whose territory it was included in 1253.

Being a part of the royal lands and belonging to the municipality of Aracena, it had an important increase in population in the fourteenth century, in which the building of the parish church began.

It achieved its independence from Aracena by a royal decree signed by the emperor Carlos V, at a time when the crown sold such rights in an attempt to bolster its battered economy.

Hinojales Monuments

Nuestra Señora de la Tortola Chapel: The origins of this construction are uncertain, but these seem to go back to Visigoth period, although its present appearance corresponds to chapels from 16th and 18th centuries. In this chapel we find “Virgen de la Tortola” image, anonymous work dating from the second third of 16th century, a venerated carving in this town. In honor to this virgin the local festivities take place between last day of April and first of May. Inside, embedded in the soil, there is the famous paleochristian tombstone, with Visigoth inscription, dated in the year 568 AD, corresponding to the reighn of Amalric.

Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Consolation, 15th century

Archeological Sites

Early Christian gravestone, sixth century.

Hinojales Gastronomy

Products derived from pork. It is common for families to fatten one or more animals for the celebration of “la matanza” (slaughter of livestock).

Dulces: Flores. Perrunillas. Pestiños. Roscos.

Directions to Hinojales

Leave Huelva in the direction of San Juan del Puerto – Trigueros and Fregenal de la Sierra. On the outskirts of San Juan del Puerto, turn right onto the N-435 heading to Trigueros – Badajoz. Pass through Valverde del Camino. Continue on Carretera de Zalamea. Continue on the N-435 and pass near El Pozuelo. On the outskirts of Zalamea la Real, turn right onto the A-461. In Campofrío, turn right onto the A-479. Pass through Aracena. Pass Aracena in the direction of Cañaveral de León. Pass through Cañaveral de León and follow signs for Hinojales.

Distances from Hinojales

Aroche 61 km
Jabugo 39 km
Sevilla 112 km
Huelva 130 km
Aracena 27 km
Badajoz 124 km
Zalamea la Real 78 km
Cañaveral de León 6,5 km

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