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Villages in Almeria

Huércal de Almería

Villages in Almeria

Huércal de Almería, Bajo Andarax Region

Huércal de Almería spreads along the Bajo Andarax, turned, after its independence from the capital, into an important industrial centre for the area. This economic boom has benefited the people as it has led to improvement in municipal services and facilities.

The municipality limits with: Pechina, Viator and Almería.

Until the end of the XIX century it will be part of Almería. Its origins are linked to the ones of Almería. We can say that it is situated in the area where was the flourishing Pechina that would lead, due to the population displacement as a more strategic place, to the city centre of Almería. In fact, this great urban area of Almería comes from the Visigoth time by being a natural region bounded by the sea and the surrounding rivers. In a decree of 1501, the Catholic Monarchs designate Huércal as Arrabal de Almería. Still in the Catastro de Ensenada of 1752 appears this town with this name.

Located in the transit towards Almeria through Torre Cárdenas will be very frequented by travellers. Thus appears the legend of the combed woman. Many of the passengers claimed to see at night a woman combing her hair in the spring of La Peinada, once widely used for its curative properties.

With the conquest of the Catholic Monarchs this area lost population and the War of the Alpujarras (1568-1570), will be practically depopulated. The repopulation will be from 1571. In later centuries the population will grow very slowly. It was from the XVIII century when it starts to be significant.

The real progress of Huércal will occur in the middle of this century when it becomes the settlement of the industries in Almería. This will cause an unprecedented development until nowadays. It has become one of the municipalities with the highest per capita income of Almería without intensive agriculture.

It is important to highlight the tradition of the Noche de los Ramos, on the night of Holy Saturday, in which young people offer flowers to the young maidens of their choice and “pranks” to whom they find unpleasant.


Parish Church, XVIII century. In the chapel of the high altar you can observe a statue of the Virgen de las Angustias de Salcillo.

Town Planning

Cuevas vivienda.

Façade of the library building. 

Huércal de Almería Gastronomy

Migas cortijeras. Sopa de mariscos. Pipirrana. Choto al ajillo. Conejo al ajo.

Sweets: Borrachillos. Papaviejos. Leche frita (dessert made of milk thickened with flour, coated with egg and fried). Soplillo. Hornazos. Pan de higo.

How to get there

You have to exit Almería, take the road of Granada and continue until you get Huércal de Almería.

Distances from Huércal de Almería

Almería 7 km
Pechina 5 km
Viator 1,3 km
Gádor 11 km
Terque 22 km
Galachar 17 km
Benahadux 6,5 km
Campamento 7 km
Alhama de Almería 18 km

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