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Huercal Overa Castle

Almeria Castles

Huercal Overa Castle – Almeria – Andalucia

Declared “Bien de Interés Cultural”, the Nazari watchtower of Huercal-Overa is known by all as “Huercal Overa Castle”.

Built in the second half of the fourteenth century, traditionally, the tower had been interpreted as a defensive character structure a watchtower to warn of the presence of the enemy. However, after the excavations in their environment, we found that in fact it was a fortification that besides the tower would consist of a line of outer wall, with attached towers, and spaces intramural, probably for housing the garrison that occupied.

The Tree of Life

One of the most important findings that occurred during the archeological supervision in connection with the rehabilitation of the tower was the discovery, in one of the walls of the third floor of a decorative element named Hom or “tree of life”. This motif, performed by geometric lines that subsections are intertwined in a plaster, is one of the iconographic representaions characteristic of the universe according to islamic philosophy, where the center is Allah, from where all life, separatin him and twisting in order vain to return to it.

The tree of life of Huercal-Overa is one of the few examples documented in the iberian peninsula, along with that found in the Gibralfaro Castle in Malaga. However, it must have been a recurrent representation in islamic art even left a strong imprint on the Christian decorative tradition, having been used in numerous ceramics productions bajomedievales.

Huerca Overa Castle is an example of frontier architecture in recent years of the Nazari Kingdom, is an important site in Almeria.

Castillo de Huércal Overa vista exterior

Fuente: Turismo del Excmo. Ayto. de Huércal-Overa

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