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Villages in Granada

Huétor Santillán

Villages in Granada

Huetor Santillan, Sierra de Huetor Natural Park

The municipality of Huétor Santillán, a few kilometers from the city of Alhambra, is part of the Natural Park Sierra de Huétor, getting its name from the Sierra, an area of medium high mountains where masses of local oak and Holm oak trees grow amid a truly spectacular landscape.

Huétor Santillán limits with the municipalities of Iznalloz, Diezma, Quéntar, Beas de Granada, Granada, Víznar, Alfacar, Nívar y Cogollos Vega.

In the town stands the parish church, a religious construction of the sixteenth century, completely refurbished in the 18th century.

The name Huétor is thought to derive from Arabic wadi (Huet) which means “river”.

antillan is a name coming from the Christian conquest, when the people benefited from the patronage of San Illán (San Ylli) or Santillana. The Town Manor house was owned by the Jesuits of Madrid.

The uprising of the Moors (16th century) against the Catholic king Philip II, is documented in the chronicles that refer to Huétor Santillan highlighting the burning and destruction of their church by the Moorish rebels.


Iglesia Parroquial (Parish Church,16th century, rebuilt in the 18th century).

Town planning

The bridge over the Darro.
Caserios de Prado Negro and El Colmenar.
Hondiguilla, Revueltillas, Sotanillo, Calzadilla.
A unique mountain town set amid spectacular scenery.

Huétor Santillán Gastronomy

Granada soup. Granada soup with rice. Wheat and chickpea stew. Small peas ‘a la   Granadina’. Lamb chops. Granadinas de Vaca. Beef rolls. Chicken Granada. Rabbit, cooked local style. Partridge with cabbage. Choto garlic. Fried potatoes.


Leave Granada. At the roundabout, take exit 2 Continue along: E-902 / A-44 heading to Armilla-Motril. Pass near-Peligros, Maracena and Albolote. Guadix towards Guadix-Almeria-Murcia. Continue along: A-92 . Take exit towards Exit 253 – El Fargue
Huétor Santillan-Granada (East). Follow the direction Huetor-Santillan-El Fargue
Granada (East) – Parque Natural de la Sierra de Huétor and continue to the town.

Distances from the town

Granada 15 km
Alfacar 7.5 km
Dudar 30 km
Viznar 7 km
Guadix 42 km
Diezma 23 km
Beas de Granada 4.5 km

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