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Villages in Sevilla

Huévar del Aljarafe

Villages in Sevilla

Huévar del Aljarafe

Huévar del Aljarafe is located in the river basin Guadiamar, in the far western province of Sevilla, being bordered by Huelva. The village is located in the southern half of the municipal area, in what is known as the second belt Aljarafe.

Although it is likely that his original name was Erbas, its current name comes from the Arabic name of sheik Ali-Al-Huevar.

Its antiquity is attested by the archaeological sites found in the Prehistoric and Roman age.
With the Romans, the town achieved a great importance thanks to the wealth of their land and production of oil and cereals. From this period there are much debris in the town and scattered throughout the municipality.

From the time of the Visigoths there are less evidence but very significant, as the chapel of La Motilla.

In the period of Al-Andalus, Huévar grew considerably. From this time we have abundant remains of a Moorish palace, destroyed by Fernando III who built a church, and many burials.

With the Christian conquest began a period of decline and begin to lose importance to be depopulated between centuries XIII and XIV.

Huévar del Aljarafe Monuments

Palace of El Marqués de la Motilla
Town Hall
Parish Church of Ntra. Sra. de la Asunción
Archaeological Sites
Hacienda del Marqués de Villaelviestre

Huévar del Aljarafe – How to get there

By the A-49 (Sevilla – Huelva), take the exit 7, from 26 kilometres far from Sevilla and that leads us directly to the entrance of the villa. If the direction is Huelva-Sevilla, the exit you have to take is the number 23.

By the A-472 (old road to Huelva), towards Huelva we pass the town of Sanlúcar la Mayor, we have a left turn to take the SE-639 road that leads directly to the town. If the direction is Huelva – Sevilla by passing the town of Castilleja del Campo we find the turnoff to the right.

By the A-474, towards Huelva, to get the town of Pilas we go towards Sevilla-Huelva motorway and take the road SE-637, in it there is a detour to the right that links with SE-638 that leads to our destination.Towards Sevilla and once we passed the town of Hinojos, we have the junction in the towards the highway to our left, just before reaching Pilas.

Huévar del Aljarafe Gastronomy

Lamb stew (lamb, tomato, onion, garlic, thyme, chile pepper, vinegar).

Distances from Huévar del Aljarafe

Sevilla 28 km
Gerena 32 km
La Algaba 36 km
Coria del Río 27 km
Sanlúcar la Mayor 12 km
Castilleja del Campo 10 km

Huévar del Aljarafe Town Hall

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