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Villages in Sevilla

Isla Mayor

Villages in Sevilla

Isla Mayor

Isla Mayor (before 2000 called Villafranco del Guadalquivir) is situated in the southwest quadrant of the province of Seville, in the grounds of the Las Marismas del Guadalquivir. Part of the municipality is included in the area of the Natrual Park around Doñana. In 1996 it had 6022 inhabitants, among whom were also residents of the town of Alfonso XIII.

The main centre is near the mouth of the Guadalquivir, in the Isla Mayor, which in ancient times was occupied by Lacus Ligustinus. The continuous dragging of material from the tidal river was forming a muddy island in the river mouth, while the marsh was also forming. The village is completely surrounded by canals and areas for rice cultivation.

The municipality is recently established: it was constituted as Entidad Local Menor under the jurisdiction of Municipio del Puebla del Río in the year 1956, achieving independence in 1994.

Villafranco del Guadalquivir grew up as a result of colonization of the Guadalquivir Marshes, during the late 20s and 30s, for agricultural use (in a rice monoculture). After several attempts to start up these farms by an English company with capital, which had already completed this type of work in the Nile delta, it passed into Spanish hands which is what ultimately began the transformation process of the marsh and the settlement thereof.

During the Spanish Civil War it became the main national rice store in the area, since the area of Valencia was in Republican hands. In the early 40s, General Queipo drove the development of this area. It was at this time when early settlers from Valencia began to reach Villafranco, lured by the good prospects of the area and for their expertise in rice production.

This has had a major significance in the current configuration of Villafranco.

From 1985 there began a record of segregation from Puebla del Rio, which would make Villafranco famous for its continuing closures and demonstrations against the Andaluz government’s refusal to grant a local municipality status, pursuant to requesting such division.

Sadly, such segregation was not to arrive until nine years later, in 1994.

Isla Mayor Monuments

Poblado de Isla Minima
Church of our Lady of Carmen
Brazo de Los Jeronimos
Casitas de los Ingleses
Poblado de Alfonso XIII


From Seville on the SE 660 towards Coria del Rio, pass La Puebla del Río and head toward La Venta del Cruce and connect with the SE 659, at the first intersection, turn left and connect with the SE 666 that leads directly to Isla Mayor.

Distances from Isla Mayor

Sevilla 40 km
Dos Hermanas 50 km
Coria del Rio A 25 km
La Puebla del Rio 23 km
Bollullos de la Mitación 31 km
Los Palacios y Villafranca 64 km

Isla Mayor Town Hall

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