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Monuments in Málaga

Istán – San Miguel Chapel

Monuments in Málaga

Istán – San Miguel Chapel

The San Miguel Chapel is located 3 km from the town of Istán.

This is the Archangel (Greek for “the leading angels”) Michael (Hebrew for “Who is like God”). He is the head of the armies of God and protector of the Church. According to Revelation, he will blow the trumpet on Judgment Day and will face Lucifer. Thus, he is represented as a warrior angel who puts his heel on the head of Lucifer and threatens him with a spear, with the intention of chaining him forever in the abyss of hell.

The holiday of St. Michael (September 29) coincides with a weather episode that is repeated annually: the last days of summer the temperature goes down momentarily and then recovers the usual downward progression of autumn. This is known as the Small Summer of St. Michael, Small Summer of quince, Small Summer of the Archangel or Indian Summer.

San Miguel Chapel - Istán

San Miguel Chapel - Istán

The Pilgrimage of Istán

The chapel of the patrón of Istán and the tradition of the pilgrimage were an achievement of the youth of the villaje of Istán in the seventies. At that time people gathered in the Teleclub, a lounge where you could watch TV, and dances, field trips and other leisure activities were organized. It was there that they had the idea of organizing the festival in honor of the patron.

The name Tomillería (Thymeful) was given to the pilgrimage due to the big amount of thyme that there is around the place which houses the chapel and the path that leads to it from the village. In the first tomillerías this journey was made on the back of a donkey. The tomilleros wear a costume in the colors of the coat of the patron, St. Michael. Be sure to visit Istán during these celebrations. The Sunday prior to 29 September the Tomillería is held. You will be welcome.

The Chapel of Istán Environmental Complex

Welcome to The Chapel of Istán Environmental Complex. This site brings environmental and cultural values together. There is a cave hermitage carved into the rock. Inside it you can find the image of the patron of Istan, St. Michael the Archangel. The Sunday prior to September 29 a festival called La Tomillería (The Thymeful) is held in this place in honor of the patron. In the afternoon, the patron is on procession to the village of Istán through the fields.

In Istán you can enjoy the natural environment: access to hiking trails through Sierra Blanca and Sierra Real, make ornithological tours or take a stroll through the orchards and ditches surrounding the village. The views of the reservoir of La Concepción are outstanding. There are facilities for rest and recreation. Please use caution in the facilities. Before leaving, leave them as you would like to find them.

Fire is a danger for you and the environment. Do not throw cigarettes or other objects that produce combustión. Make fire only in places equipped for it. Do not disturb wildlife or collect plants. Avoid unnecessary noise. Make a responsible use of water. No camping is allowed. Respect the facilities placed at your disposal.

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