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Water Dams in Córdoba

Iznajar Dam

Water Dams in Córdoba

Iznajar Dam & Reservoir

The Iznajar Dam and reservoir is located in the Geníl river, in the andalusian municipalities of Iznájar, Rute, Loja, Zagra, Cuevas de San Marcos and Algarinejo. Occupies land in the provinces of Málaga, Córdoba and Granada.

The reservoir belongs to the Hydrographic Confederation of the Guadalquivir (Granada zone) and was inaugurated in 1969 by the Head of the Spanish Estate Francisco Franco.

With the construction of this dam was flooded about 600 homes and had to move approximatelly 2.000 people. Was expropriated an area of 2857 hectares.

The area of its basin is 5.000 km2, has an average annual rainfall of 583.7 mm and an annual average contribution of 600 Hm3.

As for the technical data we can say that the Iznájar reservoir has a surface of NMN 2521.72 hectares, a capacity NMN of 981.12 Hm3 and a perimeter of 118 km.

The type of dam is a Gravity Mixed Plant, has a height of 101 m from the bed, a coronation lenght of 406.89 m and a dam volume of 1.396.400 (m3).

Purpose of the Iznajar Dam

– Protection against flooding of the Genil.
– Supply the towns with an estimated population of 200.000 inhabitants.
– Irrigation (300 to 400 hm3, 80.000 hectares)
– Electricity (79.500 Kw)
– Fishing – Water Sports – Bathrooms – Fight Fire

Dam of Iznájar - Reservoir of Iznájar - Pantano de Iznájar

Iznajar Dam Panoramic

Presa de Iznájar - Embalse de Iznájar - Pantano de Iznájar

Iznajar Dam

Presa de Iznájar - Embalse de Iznájar - Pantano de Iznájar

Presa de Iznájar - Embalse de Iznájar - Pantano de Iznájar

Iznajar Dam Map

Photo Below 23/11/08

Iznajar Dam and Reservoir

Iznájar Municipality

This town is located in the extreme south of the province of Córdoba, in the heart of Andalusia.

Iznájar is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. The location of Iznájar, nestled on top of a hill and surrounded by the waters of the reservoir that bears its name, make this town a peninsula that is also joined to the land by two bridges, the Agromán and the Fernández, access roads for those who visit us from the north or south.

Iznájar is one of the towns with the greatest population dispersion, with nineteen or scattered villages, making this town a territory rich in customs, traditions and a privileged enclave for its natural, cultural and heritage wealth.

Stroll through our streets, squares, corners or any of the villages, visit the neighborhood of La Villa, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, with its Nasrid Castle, the Parish Church of Santiago or the Patio de las Comedias; enjoy the views from the numerous viewpoints of the reservoir, or the sunsets from Valdearenas beach; practicing water sports, hiking or cycling around Lake Andalusia, tasting our rich cuisine or staying in one of the more than 130 tourist accommodations spread throughout the extensive municipal area, are some of the reasons why we invite you to meet us. Read more…

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