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Watchtowers Málaga

Jaral Watchtower

Watchtowers Málaga

Jaral Watchtower – Almayate Bajo

The Jaral Watchtower is located next to the Ctra. de Almería (N-340), at Almayate Bajo, in the Andalusian municipality of Vélez-Málaga.

The Jaral Watchtower is a tower inherited from the Nasrid surveillance system (XIII-XIV centuries) although it is believed that it could have been rescued or modified in later centuries.

The tower has a rectangular prism shape with approximate measurements at the base of 5 x 3 meters and more than 8 meters in height.

Its factory is of masonry with use of brick in putty. At the angles large stoneres and brick alternate.

Jaral Watchtower - Almayate Bajo - Vélez-Málaga

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