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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Jayena, Poniente Granadino

Jayena belongs to a series of Poniente Granadino municipalities that coming to a tourist reference of interest thanks to the characteristics of the space in wich they are located.

The Bermejales Dam & Reservoir offer travelers the unique setting of the northern slpe of Sierra Tejeda, impressive mass of reddish brown stone bordered by the green note of vineyards, yew and pine forest, and in winter, crowned by a snow white overburden.

There prehistoric Neolithic period it possible to assume some enclave inhabited since them. On the other hand, there are indications of Roman presence. However, it seems that his foundation corresponds to the Islamic period, during which he was known as Chayyana. After the Reconquista suffered the vicissitudes of Christianization and was donated by dthe Catholic Kings to the infant Cidi Haya become the name of Pedro de Granada and that the Marquis of Campotéjar descend. In the nineteenth century this place passed through Napoleon´s troops during the War of Independence and the 1884 earthquake completely destroyed the village, which was rebuilt thank to the contributions received from any initiative of Spain Alfonso XII.

Jayena Monuments

Parish Church
Ancient Roman Foundry
Casa Señorial of the Marquis of Campotéjar
Peña Gorda
San Antonio Chapel (S. XVI)

Jayena Gastronomy

Cheese, fish and oil. Their crops are dominated by almond and olive trees mostly. There are also cereals, legumes and vegetables. Located along the Cacin river, often go fishing in the “Rio Grande” of salmonids. In hunting season, either partridge or rabbits, and sometimes other major bugs. JayenaTheir range of dishes covered crumbs varied recipes, stews, roasts, rice, and currently manufacture of cheese and is named after the jayenuzcos on shelves and national gastronomic reference.

Getting to Jayena

Out of Granada, Granada highway, then cross through Armilla, Ogijares, Alhendin and continue in Avenida de Andalucía. Turn right: E-9025 / A-44 towards N-323-Motril. Take the exit towards Exit 139 – Otura – La Malaha. Otura around, turn left: A-4050. Turn right: GR-SO-31 and enter Jayena.

Distances from Jayena

Granada 45 km
Padul 32 km
Armilla 40 km
Guadix 97 km
Béznar 48 km
Dúrcal 39 km
Ventas de Huelma 19 km

Jayena jayena-iglesia-del-santisimo-sacramento1

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