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Jerez de la Frontera – Belen Square

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Belen Square

The Belen Square, at the same time street, is small in size yet great in terms of its history and beauty.

Located within sight of the Asunción Square, here stands the equestrian monument given by the city of Córdoba and on one side the tiled plaque commemorating the Jerez Association of Belenistas in honour of the reference to the name of the square.

Belen Square - Jerez de la Frontera


The heritage value of Jerez de la Frontera is another compelling reason to discover one of the most charming and best preserved historic centers in Andalusia.

The recognized cultural heritage of the city reveals the influence of the different cultures of the Phoenicians, Visigoths and Romans, who left their mark on the civil and religious buildings of the city.

The heritage of the most diverse cultures that settled in Jerez over the centuries has left its mark on deep-rooted traditions, which endure and form an essential part of the pulse of the city itself. The extensive ascendancy of cultures over time, the Phoenician Xera, the strongly Romanized Ceret or the powerful Muslim Sherisch, until the reconquest of Jerez in 1264 by Alfonso X El Sabio, have provided Jerez with numerous vestiges that enrich its outstanding artistic heritage. .

A walk through the center of the city, declared a Historic-Artistic Site, offers us neighborhoods with authentic character, hidden streets, squares and corners, where fountains and orange trees are lost among palaces, churches and wineries. The Monumental Complex of the Alcázar, the oldest Almohad building in Andalusia, located at the highest point of the city, is one of the main references of monumental Jerez. Read more…

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