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Jerez de la Frontera, monuments, palaces, churches, cathedral and convents

Jerez de la Frontera – Bertemati Palace

Jerez de la Frontera, monuments, palaces, churches, cathedral and convents

Bertemati Palace in Plaza del Arroyo

The Bertemati Palace is located at the Plaza del Arroyo (Arroyo Square), in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz province.

Standing near the exit of the city on the way out to the coastal areas, this is the oldest part of Jerez and it was here that bull fights used to take place and where the Jerezano horsemen organised exhibitions to demonstrate their equestrian skills.

Upon one side of the square we find one of the most characteristic examples of civilian architecture commissioned by the nobility of the 18 Century: the Bertemati Palace, since classified as a Monument of Cultural Interest.

It currently houses the Bishopric of the Dioceses of Jerez.

The Palace of the Marqueses de Bertemati is one of the most characteristic examples of the civil architecture of the Jerez high bourgeoisie of the 18th century. The building, with a very elongated rectangular floor plan, is structured on two floors and is distributed internally around a central patio and a garden. In addition to these computer spaces, there are other service patios that help to light and ventilate the different rooms.

Plaza del ArroyoCurrently, the distribution of some rooms has been compartmentalized, stairs have been built and new corridors have been opened based on the use of the building as a socio-economic center and residence for students.

The main patio is square in shape and has two floors with an upper terrace delimited by an iron railing. It is porticoed on three of its sides whose fronts show three semicircular openings decorated with undulating plasterwork and plant elements. Oculi are opened in the spandrels whose openings are formed by circular lobes and a fine mixtilinear molding. The arches rest on Tuscan columns on pedestals. On the upper floor, the same composition is repeated, except that the galleries are covered with metal windows and the columns made of stone have a polygonal section and are embedded in the wall.

The aforementioned patio is on the axis with the access to the main portal and is separated from it by a wide hallway, likewise, it acts as a distribution element for the main rooms; staircase, halls and chapel of the palace. Read more…

Palacio Bertemati

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