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Jerez de la Frontera – Cruz Vieja Square

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Cruz Vieja Square

If calle San Miguel is the natural entrante to the quarter, then the Plaza Cruz Vieja is its portico, and presiding over the square stands a statue by Victor Ochoa of that immortal daughter of the barrio: Lola Flores, striking a characteristic pose. In the background stands the recently restored Palacio de Villapanés and a hundred-year old olive tree, and one side of the square stands one of the oldest tapas bars in Jerez: Bar Maypa.

Two streets lead off the Plaza Cruz Vieja: calle Empedrada and calle Cerro Fuerte. We shall take the latter in order to enter deeper into the heart of La Plazuela.


Jerez de la Frontera Wine Tourism

Wine has been and is a key piece in the history of Jerez. Jerez is the center of the Marco de Jerez region, a region that brings together vestiges and testimonies of its millenary past, and preserves a rich historical-artistic heritage in which the famous Jerez wineries known as ‘Cathedrals of Wine’ stand out.

If there is an ambassador par excellence for Jerez, this is his wine. The history and culture of the city are closely linked to the history of Sherry wine, which has marked this destination since its very urban conception.

The Jerez cellars open their doors to visitors and invite them to delve into the exciting world of soleras and criaderas, the sherry production system. But Jerez also has wineries that produce red, white and rosé wines under the Tierra de Cádiz Indication, author wines that enjoy recognized prestige, and which are added to sherry.
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