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Jerez de la Frontera Rafael Rivero Square

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Rafael Rivero Square

This square is synonymous with both architectural beauty and entertainment, standing as it does in the most exquisite part of the city centre. Its is named Rafael Rivero, who was mayor of Jerez de la Frontera  in the mid-nineteenth century and whose bust presides over the square. Its innate elegance and unforgettable surroundings make the square one of the most attractive enclaves upon the Route of the Tapa.

This square provides us with one of the many examples of the baroque style mansion houses built towards the end of the 18 century: the Perez-Luna house, the main characteristic of which is the magnificent doorway upon which rests a beautiful balcony and was built in 1777, according to the date on sundial located upon the main façade.

On the other side of the same square stands the Domecq de la Riva House of more recent construction, traditional style and original structure.

Plaza Rafael Rivero

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