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Jerez de la Frontera, monuments, palaces, churches, cathedral and convents

Jerez de la Frontera – Yedra Square

Jerez de la Frontera, monuments, palaces, churches, cathedral and convents

Plazuela de la Yedra – Yedra Square

Yedra Square is the heart of San Miguel Flamenco Route. The Plazuela square is presided over by the Yedra hermitage.

Around the square used to stond countless tabanco sherry bars and forges which, thanks to a handful of families of the highest flamenco aristocracy, made their way of life a monument to jondo flamenco.

Plazuela de la Yedra

Jerez de la Frontera Nature

The diversity and extension of the territory covered by the city make Jerez a very attractive place for lovers of nature and active tourism. Throughout the term you can find farms, meadows, haciendas and farmhouses in which to discover and enjoy nature in its purest form.

In addition, for the practice of recreational activities, adventures and sports in rural areas, the natural environment, ravines, lakes, lagoons, rivers and mountains, will offer the ideal space. It is also possible to tour the vineyard and the Jerez countryside, enjoying unique landscapes in the world, another very particular experience of a territory like this.

Jerez has numerous natural enclaves where you can enjoy nature and active tourism. Nature is very present due to its extensive municipal term, the second largest in Spain, which includes the Montes de Propios of the Alcornocales Natural Park and in which unique animal species live, some in danger of extinction. This natural space can be visited by hiking or enjoying off-road routes, and it also allows you to spend the night in the Cortijo de Rojitán rural accommodation. It also has numerous lagoons such as the Laguna de Medina, the Las Canteras and El Tejón lagoons, which are nature reserves, as well as the Torrox and Los Tollos lagoons. It also has numerous parks and wooded areas such as the Las Aguilillas park or La Suara. Read more…

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