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Jimena de la Frontera – Chinchilla

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Jimena de la Frontera – Chinchilla

Chinchilla: Space biodiversity, historical and cultural.

Jimena de la Frontera, traces its origins to ancient times. It is known the existence of settlements in prehistoric times, the main sample is represented by cave paintings of Laja Alta, among others scattered around the Alcornocales Natural Reserve.

Chinchilla, natural area is located in the the Alcornocales Natural Reserve,  behind the archaeological site of the Castle-Fortress Jimena de la Frontera, which acquires its enormous significance from past centuries, a place where nature and history interfere. It has 24 hectares of scenic beauty, environmental value, historical and cultural. Among the archaeological site of the Castle-Fortress and the Canal Royal Ordnance Factory of Carlos III and the River Hozgarganta, the latest untamed river of Andalusia, it crosses the path called River Hozgarganta where you can dive the great biodiversity of flora and fauna along the way and throughout the whole year, clearly differentiating the four seasons.

Flora and Fauna

Among the most important plant species are the cork oak, oak, wild olive, carob mastic, sarsaparilla, White poplar, heather, myrtle, durillo, plus several species of mushrooms ferns, orchids, etc. with a total of 757 plant species cataloged, many of them of great botanical interest. Nearby are the canutos where a microclimate that has led to the maintenance of a relict forest vegetation of laurel, from the Tertiary and is formed by species such as rhododendron, alder, laurel, ash, hazels is formed, holly, and several types of fern.

The fauna of this area is also of great richness and variety, highlighting among hoofed mammals deer, fox, genet, mongoose, otters, polecats, weasels, wild cats and badgers.

As for birds, there is a large population of raptors, led by eagles, short-toed, Bonelli, driveway, eagle owl, peregrine falcon, raven, goshawk, sparrow hawk, kestrel and vultures. Frugivorous and insectivorous birds are represented by Robin, bee-eaters, carpenter, hoopoe, jays, thrushes, blackbirds, swallows, swifts, goldfinch, greenfinch, among others. Among the reptiles and amphibians snake ladder and water, snake, lizard, ocellated lizard, common frog and San Anton, toad, salamander, newt and terrapin is also a lot of dragonflies and beetles as green beetle.


This space, traces its origins to ancient times. It is known the existence of the first settlements in prehistoric times, the main sample is represented by the cave paintings of Chinchilla. It has been a transit zone of various cultures throughout the millennia among those found, the Iberians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, etc and proof of this are the Castle-fortress, which rises on the early Roman city OBA. It is from the eighth century Arab rule, when the Castle acquires its maximum splendor and usefulness, since for many years it was Nazari border with the Christian territories. Several ponds, very interesting architecturally different designs are preserved. The Citadel s renovated in the Christian era, preserving the trenches, curtains, bastions independent in what the rest of the city.

In the place we can find cave paintings that can belong to the so-called “Southern Art” with schematic drawings in which a hunting scene with a hunter-archer and a deer represented. The architectural remains of past cultures are innumerable, a limekiln, wineries or commonly known as Tajo de la Reina Mora, who could be a Mozarabic Church, due to the niches that appear carved into the rock that could hold sacred relics.

Jimena de la Frontera - Chinchilla - Space biodiversity, historical and cultural

Cave Art Chinchilla I - Cave Art Chinchilla II - Jimena de la Frontera



Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna - Chinchilla

Flora and Fauna - Jimena de la Frontera

Flora and Fauna - Chinchilla - Jimena de la Frontera

Jimena de la Frontera Town Hall

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