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Water Dams in Sevilla

José Torán Dam

Water Dams in Sevilla

José Torán Dam & Reservoir

The José Torán Dam is located on the riverbed of Arroyo Guadalbarcar, forming part of the municipalities of Constantina, Lora del Río and Puebla de los Infantes, in the province of Sevilla, Natural Park of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla.

The dam can be easily accessed from Lora del Río, the reservoir is only about 12 km from the town.

This reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir (area of Seville).

Construction work began in 1983 and began its operation in 1991.José Torán Dam

The area of its basin is 234 km2 with an average rainfall: 851 l/m2 and an average annual contribution: 44 Hm3.The volume of the reservoir is 113.5 Hm3 and its surface area is 716.5 hectares.

The type of Dam is Vault (the dam has curvature in the vertical plane and in the horizontal plane. It was built with concrete) and spillway lip fixed. The dam has a height of 77 m on bedrock, a height above the bed of 69 m and a coronation length of 362 m.

With the construction of this dam was expropriated 1.215 hectares and it was also was affected the old road from Constantina to Puebla de Los Infantes.

Jose Torán Dam was built with these objectives:

– Irrigation – Supply – Uses of the layers of water (fishing – bathrooms – pedal boats)

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