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Villages in Sevilla

La Algaba

Villages in Sevilla

La Algaba

La Algaba is located on the right bank of the Guadalquivir, in the Comarca de la Vega and about 10 kilometres from the capital. The closest municipalities to La Algaba are: Santiponce, El Real de la Jara, Camas, Alcalá del Río, Castilleja de Guzmán, Valencina de la Concepción, Sevilla and Castilleja de la Cuesta.

It seems that the founders were the Turdetans, initially it was called “Belbilis”, and apparently after the Visigoths destroyed it almost completely. It was not until the arrival of the Arabs when it would build and repopulate again, they called it “Al-Garab” which means “Forest”, because in those days it had a density of trees a lot more than what is currently known.

Fernando III reconquered it in 1247 and ceded to his son Don Fadrique, then in 1304 ceded it to the Infante Don Alfonso de la Cerda, later moving into the hands of the Duke of Niebla, and he in turn passed it on to Don Juan Guzmán and family, D. Francisco Guzmán was appointed Marquis by Philip III, as it was known as the Marquesado of La Algaba, until in the XIX century it was built the first city council.

The nucleus of the population consists of a large walled enclosure for the characteristics of the population and has been overtaken by the building recently. Thus, alongside the traditional town boundaries are located neighbourhoods built in the decades of the 50, 60 and 70, tending more recent buildings (decades of the 80 and 90) to occupy farmland located between 3 physical limits clearly define the urban space, which are: the Guadalquivir River, the county road 431 and highway Santiponce – La Algaba.

La Algaba Monuments

Torre de los Guzmanes
Church of Santa María de las Nieves
Hermitage of La Concepción

La Algaba Gastronomy

There are typical in the municipality of La Algaba the “pringás” el cocido de garbanzos pelaos con morcilla and duck à l’orange.


Tortas, pestiños, piñonates caseros and el pan prieto

How to get there

You have to exit from Sevilla, in the area around Camas you have to turn right towards Mérida, Córdoba, Airport. Take the E-803 / A-66 and then the exit towards La Algaba, Itálica. Take the A-3131, and then you get La Algaba.


Sevilla 10 km
Madrid 512 km
Mérida 185 km
Córdoba 134 km
Santiponce 5,5 km
Valencina de la Concepción 11 km

La Algaba Town Hall

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  1. Casimiro escribio:

    Los garbanzos no se han peleado con las morcillas, el potaje es de garbanzos ” pelaos”.

  2. Jose maria escribio:

    En La Algaba nadie sabe de donde viene eso del plato tipico de pato a la naranja, por que en el pueblo nadie lo ha comido la pringa si y el pan prieto y los piñonates riquisimos y las naranjas las mejores de España.

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