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Villages in Sevilla

La Campana

Villages in Sevilla

La Campana

La Campana is located over the fertile lands of the Sevillian area of La Campiña, and it is washed by the Carbones river and by the stream of Madre Vieja.

In 1.996 La Campana had 5.260 inhabitants.

Its name comes from the reconquest period of Andalucía by the christian army. The origin of the human townships dates from the prehistoric age, that we can see in the remains found in that area, in the place called the “Chaparral” and in the “Pozo de la Anea”.

In places like Cañuela, la Mesa and el Villar del Almirante there are also Roman remains. Its actual name can come from two words: the first one, the location of the village, la Campana or Campiña; the other one, the word that describes the towers that have bells which were used in the Reconquest times for calling to fight if there was an enemy attack.

It does not exist any news of the Arab or Visigoth time of this population.

In XV century La Campana obtained the “title of villa”, and it was donated to Don Miguel Bocanegra by the king Juan II. The first one gave it later to his daughter like a dowry, when she married with the Conde de Arcos. Later it was transferred to the royal family, and finally Doña Ana, Felipe II sister sold it to Marqués de Villanueva del Río, and this family had the villa until 1810, date in which the manors were abolished.

La Campana Monuments

Church Santa María La Blanca
Church de San Lorenzo
Monastery of San Sebastián

La Campana Gastronomy

Sausages (hard pork sausages, salchichón (spiced sausage similar to salami), blood sausages). Meat stew. Pepitoria (Fricassee). Chickpeas. Salmorejo mariner (a soup consisting of tomato, bread, oil, garlic and vinegar). Tinned food.

Sweets: Pestiños (Honey-coated pancake). Oil flat cakes de. Donuts. Fairy cakes.

How to get there

Leave Sevilla and after 6 km take: E-5 / A-4 for 38 km , pass near Carmona and take the exit towards La Campana. Take SE-134 until you arrive to the town.

Distances from La Campana

Écija 39 km
Sevilla 59 km
Priorato 25 km
Peñaflor 31 km
Lora del Río 14 km
La Luisiana 22 km
Palma del Río 23 km

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