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Villages in Sevilla

La Lantejuela

Villages in Sevilla

La Lantejuela

The municipality of La Lantejuela is situated in the province of Seville and occupies land in the comarca de la Campina Sur Sevillana and in the comarca Estepa Osuna. It is situated in one of the best areas around the southern landscape, and is characterized by its fertile soil and its rural aspect, unmistakably Andalusian.

La Lantejuela limits with Osuna, Fuentes de Andalucía, El Rubio and La Puebla de Cazalla.

The origin of its name is not well known. It may be the name of a landowner in the area or the word “lentejuela” (sequin or spangle), because nearby to the village were found several gold sequins. From the Roman period have been found the remains of a city, but the name has not yet been identified.

Enrique IV granted license to install as “mayorazgo” Don Pedro Giron II, Master of the Order of Calatrava, on the estate that had been granted by Pope Callistus III and confirmed by the King in 1457. La Lantejuela formed part of this estate and primogeniture was established through his son, Alfonso Téllez Girón.

La Lantajuela was under the jurisdiction of the ducal house of Osuna up to the abolition of these “senorios” (estates) in 1837. After this La Lantejuela was established as an Osuna dependent village. On February 14, 1842 it became a fully independent municipality.

La Lantejuela Monuments

Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception

Roman remains


Out of Seville. In the outskirts of Camas take: SE-30 toward Camas-Huelva-A49. Pass near Camas and follow to Exit 2 – Sevilla – Mercasevilla – A-92 – Granada – Malaga. Take A-92 and pass near Alcalá de Guadaíra. Exit to 49B – Marchena. Take A-364 towards Marchena – Córdoba. Pass Marchena. Turn right along the SE-700 to Lantejuela.

Distances from La Lantejuela

Sevilla 80 km
Osuna 22 km
El Rubio 24 km
Aguadulce 32 km
Alcalá de Guadaíra 63 km
La Puebla de Cazalla 21 km
Fuentes de Andalucía 19 km

La Lantejuela Town Hall

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