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Villages in Sevilla

La Luisiana

Villages in Sevilla

La Luisiana

The municipality of La Luisiana is situated in the eastern part of the province, a village of atypical origins which came to be more common in the province and to be part of the privileged and fertile times of the Comarca de la Campiña (region). Limits with Cañada Rosal, Fuentes de Andalucía y Écija.

The municipality’s population is distributed among the people of the main population centre and that of El Campillo.

Many settlements are known to have been in these lands through history before the present foundation, as proof of this we have the remains found belonging to the Bronze Age, Tartessians, Iberians, Romans and Visigoths.

La Luisiana was founded in 1768, during the reign of Carlos III. Its name comes from the union of infants Luis and Ana, like other villages which were created to end the banditry of Sierra Morena against the population of the area. This would make use of German Catholics, whose names, customs and ethnic groups persist among the population.

In the “Casa de Postas”, on the main street of the village, the king and his entourage were known to have stayed.

In 1835 the Ayuntamiento of La Luisiana was constituted, after the Law of the New Villages had been repealed by Queen Maria Cristina.

La Luisiana Monuments

Church of the Immaculate Conception
Chapel/shrine of El Campillo
Casa de Postas
Antigua Posada
Pósito Municipal
Fuente de los Borricos
Banos Romanos (Roman Baths)


Out of Seville. In the outskirts of Camas, turn right: SE-30 towards-All directions- Airport- Merida-Cordova.
Pass near Camas and continue towards Isla de la Cartuja, E-5, A-4-Córdova. At the roundabout, take exit 3 and follow: bypass SE-30. Take: E-5 / A-4 towards Carmona- Airport-Cordova. Pass near Carmona, exit 471 – La Luisiana-Cañada Rosal-El Campillo. Arrive at La Luisiana.

Distances from La Luisiana

Sevilla 80 km
Carmona 39 km
La Atalaya 18 km
Lora del Rio 16 km
Palma del Rio 44 km
Fuentes de Andalucía 19 km

La Luisiana Town Hall

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