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Villages in Almeria

La Mojonera

Villages in Almeria

La Mojonera – Campo de Dalías

La Mojonera is located in the coastal plain of El Campo de Dalías, at the foot of the southern slopes of Sierra de Gádor and to 25 km. from the capital. With an area of 28 km2, is embedded in a wedge between the municipalities of Vícar, with which bordered on the north and east, El Ejido, with which bordered on the west, and Roquetas de Mar on the south.

The segregation of this county took place on April 10, 1984 of Felix. Since this name refers to the place where they put the boundary stones to separate two words or confrontation, possibly referring to the division of two tahas in the Nasrid period, the one of Dalías and Felix. With the Christian conquest the taha of Dalías was given to Boabdil, but when he left Africa it passed again to the crown in 1493, and the taha of Felix with Enix and Vícar pass to the orbit of Almería. The same will occur with the religious division. Over the centuries there will create frequent conflicts between the two territories, hence the possible explanation of its name.

When really La Mojonera start to have entity will be in the 60’s with the construction by the National Institute of Colonization of a town called Camponuevo del Caudillo, together with a country house called La Mojonera. This settlement town was carried out in three phases (1958, 1964 and 1967) and consisted of 57 houses: 35 for settlers, 14 for workers and 8 for social services in the community. To each farmer was given 2 hectares, although it was stipulated three-thirty.

Due to poor water quality by the excessive chloride, the crops did not give the desired result and when it began using the technique of sanding. With the rise of intensive agriculture under plastic in the 70’s this town began to grow, even the inhabitants of Felix and some services were moved to the new entity formed by Camponuevo-La Mojonera. The growth has been so fast that in 1984 it was carried out the segregation of the municipality.

La Mojonera Monuments

Parish Church, XX century.

La Mojonera Gastronomy

You cannot buy the confectionery of La Mojonera because it is a family manufacture, as all the surrounding towns.
The typical dishes you might taste are the gurullos with rabbit and the wheat “pelao.”
Confectionery: Pan de mosto and the tortos.
We cannot forget either high quality and well known wine in the region.

How to get there

You have to exit Almería and take E-15 / A-7. Pass near Aguadulce. Take the exit towards: Salida 420 – La Mojonera. At the roundabout, take the salida 3 and continue: N-340A towards: La Mojonera. Turn right: ALP-108. Turn right: Carretera del Corsario. Then you get La Mojonera.

Distances from La Mojonera

Almería 25 km
Vícar 12 km
Dalías 22 km
Balerma 22 km
El Ejido 13 km
Pampanico 15 km
Matagorda 20 km
Roquetas de Mar 7,5 km
Las Norias de Daza 5,5 km

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