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Villages in Granada

La Peza

Villages in Granada

La Peza – Sierra Nevada

La Peza is a small village situated on the northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, to the southeast of the peninsula, with a population of about 1330 inhabitants.

La Peza limits with Diezma, Darro, Cortes y Graena, Lugros, Güéjar Sierra y Quéntar.

The village has its origins in the Roman era, then having the name Castrum Romano, sitting on the road which passed through this area, being a place of rest and supply for troops and travelers.

Here there are the remains of a Moorish castle of X-IX centuries, which was kept in good condition until the year 1571.

Prominent among La Peza’s historic events must feature alcalde Atienza (mayor), who distinguished himself in the War of Independence fought against the French and, later, alcalde Alvarez, who caught the dreaded ‘bandoleros’ (bandits) Olivencia and Sierra.

La Peza Monuments

Arab Castle
Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation
Santa Lucia Hermitage
San Anton Hermitage
San Marcos Hermitage

La Peza Gastronomy

La Peza is famous for its fine local bread; you can also try dishes like casserole ‘San Antón’, cod with tomato and a type of rice which in some edtablishments is called ‘macho’. Also worthy of mention are ‘tortas de carda’, roscos de pan para San Marcos, roscos de vino, and almond donuts.


Leaving Granada. Turn left: Carretera de la Sierra. Pass Lancha del Genil. Pass Lancha de Cenes. Through Cenes de la Vega. Take A-4026. Turn left: GR-3201. Pass Tenis. Arrive the town.

Distances from La Peza

Granada 40 km
Dudar 28 km
Tocon 11 km
Lugros 24 km
Policar 19 km
Quentar 25 km
Marchal 12 km
Purullena 12 km
Beas de Guadix 14 km
Cortes and Graena 9.5km

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  1. FAVARD Jacques escribio:

    Est-ce qu’il existe un hotel ou des chambres à La Peza ?
    Ce serait pour la nuit du 15 au 16 avril 2019.
    Ma femme et moi seront sur le Camino Mozarabe à cette date en provenance de Guadix.
    Nous souhaiterions avoir une chambre pour deux.
    Merci pour votre réponse.


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