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Villages in Sevilla

La Puebla de Cazalla

Villages in Sevilla

La Puebla de Cazalla

La Puebla de Cazalla is located between the regions of the countryside and the Southern Highlands Sevilla, in the south-eastern quadrant of the province. Limits with Marchena, Osuna, Villanueva de San Juan, Pruna y Morón de la Frontera.

The village is located at the northern end of the township and near the riverbed Corbones (Dam & Reservoir of La Puebla), which runs to the east. Most of the town develops south of the old crossing the road N-334 (SevillaMálaga). It has been recently built the Highway 92, which runs north of the town.

Its origin is the Turduli and its first known name is that of Callícula or Carula, cited by Plinio.

In the Roman and Mozarabic age there have been found many remains
From the period of Al-Andalus, we can observe the castle ruins.

The first historical document that refers to this village relates to the distribution of Sevilla by King Alfonso X.

After the Christian conquest, it passed into the hands of the Order of Calatrava to later move to the house of Osuna. Currently the population is engaged in agriculture and oil production, not to mention herds of wild cattle.


Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de las Virtudes
Church Convent of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria
Hermitage of San José
Archaeological Sites
Castle of Luna
Antigua Cárcel
La Fuelonguilla


Aceitunas prietas. Cocido. Gazpacho andaluz (bread, ripe tomatoes, oil, green pepper, garlic, salt, vinegar, pepper). Papas aliñás. Gachas. Tortas fritas. Arroz con castañas. Jarria.

Sweets: Entornados (Empanadillas de cidra).

How to get there

You have to leave Sevilla. Take: A-92 towards Alcalá de Guadaíra – Granada – Málaga. Pass near Alcalá de Guadaira. Take the exit towards Salida 63 – La Puebla de Cazalla. Then you get the town.


To Sevilla 70 km
To Alcalá de Guadaira 56 km
To El Arahal 24 km
To Marchena 16 km
To Morón de la Frontera 18 km
To Lantejuela 21 km
To Utrera 48 km
To Osuna 24 km

La Puebla de Cazalla

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