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Villages in Jaen

La Puerta de Segura

Villages in Jaen

La Puerta de Segura – Sierra de Segura Region

La Puerta de Segura is located to the north-west of the province, natural entrance of Sierra de Segura from the River Guadalimar; with rich and old traditions, inside we can observe interesting buildings such as the Casa Tercia, the Ruins of the Castle and the Church of S. Mateo. It offers a mountain landscape full of shades and variety that goes from the olive fields to the mountain areas.

La Puerta de Segura limits with the neighboring municipalities of Torres de Albanchez, Génave, Siles, Beas de Segura, Benatae, Puente de Génave, Orcera and Arroyo del Ojanco.

Part of its municipal district belongs to the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park, that is the biggest protected space in Spain: an orographical labyrinth of valleys, limestone quarries, cuts, mountains and high plateaus with a great hydrologic importance (because of the huge quantity of rivers and streams that flow from it); botanical (European Black Pine, Aleppo Pine and many endemic species); the wealth of the fauna, hunting and the landscape. From it we can observe that it is one of the most visited open spaces in the country.

The strategic position of this town, located in the natural Entrance of Sierra de Segura, causes the construction of defensive buildings from the Islamic Age. According to the Arab texts of Sierra de Segura it was inhabited by many villages, refuge places and castles-fortress, until the year 300. In La Puerta we have proof of two fortresses, the one located in the place that nowadays occupies its city centre and the one of Bujalamé or Bujalamed, from which it is survived an stylized tower.

The fortress that was erected in La Puerta de Segura during the Islamic Age would have as the main function is being refuge to the villages that inhabited its environment. A complex fortified enclosure that the time and the growth of the town have devastated.

In 1235 it was conquered by the Caballeros de Santiago and increased the lordship of the Orden with its see in Segura de la Sierra.

In 1576 La Puerta answered Felipe II’s Relaciones Topográficas, in which is pointed out that inside the castle there was a church. During this reign it belonged first to the territorial demarcation of Toledo and in the Encomienda de la Orden de Santiago, becoming, later, to the dependence on the Governor of Segura.

Because of its geographical location, La Puerta was together with Segura de la Sierra boundary stone of the kingdoms of Toledo, Granada and Murcia, and with all the serrano-segureña region it depended on Jaén in 1833.

In 1833 it received the title of villa and in 1917 it was added the term “de Segura” in order to distinguish it from other towns with the same name.

La Puerta de Segura Monuments

Parish Church of San Mateo. It was built over another church that was built during the Independence War.

Archaeological Sites

Ruins of the castle.

Town Planning

La Casa La Tercia. It belonged to La Orden de Santiago.


Embutidos (sausages). Hams. Talarines (tigliatelles). Rin-Ran (cod with potatoes, peppers, olives, olive oil…). Gachamigas (oatmeal porridge made with flour, salt and oil). Hunting stews.

How to get there

MADRID: You have to go towards Córdoba A-4, Manzanares, La Solana N-340. Villanueva de los Infantes CM-3127, Albadalejo then continue in N-322. Puente de Genave, La Puerta de Segura.

VALENCIA: You have to go towards Almansa A-35, Albacete A-31, El jardín, Reolid, Genave, Puente de Genave N-322. La Puerta de Segura.

ALICANTE-MURCIA: From Alicante to Murcia you have to take the Motorway A-7, Hellín A-30, Elche de la Sierra, Riopar CM-412. Siles CM-3204. When you arrive Siles you have to continue La Puerta de Segura taking the Motorway A-310.

CORDOBA: You have to go towards Andújar, Bailén, A-4. Linares, Úbeda. Then take the road towards Albacete N-322, Torreperogil, Villacarillo, Villanueva del Arzobispo, Puente de Genave, La Puerta de Segura.


Jaén 137 km
Úbeda 80 km
Villacarrillo 49 km
Beas de Segura 29 km
Cortijos Nuevos 15 km
Puente de Génave 7,5 km
Los Llanos de Arriba 4,5 km

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