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Villages in Granada

La Rábita – Albuñol

Villages in Granada

La Rábita – Albuñol

La Rábita is a population nucleus belonging to the municipality of Albuñol, near the Mediterranean sea and just four kilometers of the limit with the province of Almería. Near La Rábita also are the population centers of Los Castillas and El Pozuelo, belonging to the same municipality and Granada province.

The history of La Rábita lived its splendor in the Nazarí era, since it was constituted as a strategic defensive point of the Costa de Granada, hence the construction of the Ribat or Castillo de Defensa, whose name gave rise to the name of the nucleus of La Rábita.

From the Ribat the great tower is conserved, that later in the Christian era was transformed into Castle for the maritime defense.

The population center of La Rábita wsa growing at the foot of the Castle and int he 18th century the maritime defense was extended with the construction of the Watchtowers of Punta Negra, Huarea and La Rábita.

Currenty La Rábita Watchtower is the best preserved since it was built in 1768 by order of Carlos III and from it you can see the maritime horizon from the viewpoint, one of the most beatutiful pictures of the municipality at sunsedt.

Do not forget the treasure hidden unde the sands of Huarea: the Huarea Castle, which gave its name to the current population cneter and was built to complete the maritime defense from La Rábita to Guainos.

Another monument of interest is Our Lady of the Nativity of the Virgin Parish Church, built at the beginning of the 20th century and of which we can highlight the great altarpiece of the main altar where the images of San Isidro Labrador and the Virgin of the Sea.

Albuñol - La Rábita

Iglesia Parroquial de Nuestra Señora de la Natividad de la Virgen

Castillo y Torre de la Rábita

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