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Villages in Sevilla

La Rinconada

Villages in Sevilla

La Rinconada

To nine kilometres from the capital, in the centre of the Vega and the metropolitan northern arch is located La Rinconada, a city’s future strategic position in the province with 138,4 Km2 and a dense communications network and roads which will be added soon northern access highway, which cut the length of time with the capital to just over 5 minutes.

The large municipality has 138.39 Km2 located to the north of the city of Sevilla. It bordered on the north by the municipalities of Alcalá del Río and Brenes, on the west to La Algaba and on the east of Carmona.

The village is expanded in almost equilateral triangle, “which lets you get close to the gates of Brenes, extended along the river nearly to La Algaba and Santiponce and cross El Camino Real-now-going motorway from Sevilla to Madrid” ( sic, historical aspects of the village of La Rinconada and San José in his neighbourhood, Manuel Alfonso Rincón).

Along the municipality there are several villages for rural concentrations, besides the well-established village of La Rinconada, and San José de La Rinconada (neighbourhood).
These are: El Gordillo, La Jarilla, Tarazona, Tarazonilla, Los Abetos, El Castellón, Los Labrados, Casavacas and El Toril.

Although the current population was emerging in the XV century around the chapel of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, Fernando III took this place in 1245 because it was important strategically for the assault to the capital.

It was conquered by Ferdinand III in 1245. From here he would prepare to conquer the capital.

In this century, with the establishment of a railway station, this town  will start to become important.

The town of San José de la Rinconada, adjacent to the one of La Rinconada, is gaining increasing importance.


Chapel of Los Dolores
Church of Las Nieves
Centro Cultural de la Villa
Archaeological Museum
Church of San José
Casa Consistorial
Cerro Macareno


Potaje de chícharros (peas, chorizo, garlic, onion, saffron, pepper, bay leaf, oil).

How to get there

• A-3102 (Sevilla-La Rinconada-Cazalla)
• A-3103 (Sevilla-San José de La Rinconada-Brenes)
• A-3104 (Sevilla-San José de La Rinconada, Los Rosales), highway de La Rinconada (North access).


Sevilla 13 km
Brenes 13 km
Tocina 28 km
Burguillos 12 km
Cantillana 24 km
Alcalá del Río 4 km
Alcolea de Río 38 km
Villaverde del Río 18 km
Castilblanco de los Arroyos 24 km

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