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Villages in Sevilla

La Roda de Andalucía

Villages in Sevilla

La Roda de Andalucía

La Roda de Andalucía is located in the south-eastern corner of the province of Sevilla, belonging to the region of Estepa and the geographical area-South Sierra Sevillana. La Roda is an important hub for rail, AVE will cross not so far its territorial space, in addition to the Highway 92 and National 334 (SE-MA-GR) form the network communication. La Roda is equidistant from Sevilla to 123 km., 70 from Málaga, 75 from Córdoba, 130 from Granada, which makes it in the central area of Andalucía.

Its peculiar geography with gentle slopes, plains and mountains, make the natural environment of La Roda in a privileged position for their guidance into the Guadalquivir basin and its border with the string limit of the Sierras Subbéticas.

Its climate is interior Mediterranean with continental features (seasonal contrast between summer and winter) and sometimes with Atlantic connotations during the rainy season. The average values of rainfall are 500 to 600 l / m2 per year and average annual temperature of 16.5 º C. The coldest month is January with -3 ° C and the absolute maximum is 41 º C. In August.

The hydrology of the territory is formed by the River Yeguas (affluent of the Genil) that structures the term from south to north and divides equally into two town limits, and the Salinoso River that comes from the southwest. To these we have to add a host of seasonal streams and torrential pouring at different times of year.

These lands have been occupied by man since ancient times. In Iberian time there was a town called Uraquao, near which was made possible one of the battles waged between the legions of Julius Caesar and Pompey in the Roman Republican period.

For much of the Muslim domination and disintegrates after the Andalusian Islamic unity, this area is situated on the border between the kingdoms of Granada and Sevilla. This boundary makes Arabs denominate the town Roda, which means “toll” for being in the office where there were paid the rights of way between the two Muslim kingdoms. Some homes are grouping as to form a small settlement. Its final conquest by Christian takes place in 1283 during the reign of Alfonso X the Wise.

Its location near the border of the Nasrid kingdom makes it an unsafe settlement until the end of the Reconquest, discouraging the installation of settlers. In the XVI century is incorporated into the properties of the Marquis of Estepa, under whose dominion and jurisdiction is retained until the abolition of the feudal regime in the XIX century.

La Roda de Andalucía Monuments

Church of Santa Ana
Chapel of Las Esclavas
Hermitage of La Virgen de los Llanos

La Roda de Andalucía Gastronomy

Porra. Gazpacho. Soup cooked with mint. Meatball soup. Rice with tomato and pepper. Rice with chestnut. Asparagus omelette. Asparagus sauce. Snails. Meat in sauce.

Sweets: Gachas. Rice with milk. Ochíos. Magdalenas. Pestiños. Roscos de vino. Ciruelas en compota.

How to get there

You have to exit Sevilla. Take the A-92 towards Alcalá de Guadaíra – Granada – Málaga. Pass near Alcalá de Guadaíra and take the exit towards Salida 63 – La Puebla de Cazalla. In La Puebla de Cazalla, take: SE-451, then A-92 and pass near Osuna. Take the exit towards Salida 92 – El Rubio – Aguadulce. Cross Aguadulce. Take: A-92, then exit towards Salida 97 – Gilena – Pedrera.. Pass near Gilena and follow the signs to La Roda de Andalucía.

Distances from La Roda de Andalucía

Osuna 34 km
Utrera 107 km
Lucena 42 km
Sevilla 123 km
Campillos 27 km
Antequera 30 km
Puente Geníl 25 km
Sierra de Yeguas 16 km
Morón de la Frontera 79 km

La Roda de Andalucía

La Roda de Andalucía La Roda de Andalucía

La Roda de Andalucía Town Hall

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