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Villages in Córdoba

La Victoria

Villages in Córdoba

La Victoria, Campiña Sur Cordobesa

La Victoria is a beautiful town located in the southern area of the province, 25 kilometres from the capital and to 120 kilometres from Sevilla across the Motorway of Andalucía; it is placed in the boundaries of “Campiña Sur Cordobesa”.

It has an area of 20 km2, with beautiful farming fields and with beautiful views. The agriculture is the highest wealth source of our town and it has varied fields although the greatest cultivation is the olive grove, but we also can find dry-farmed crops such as the wheat, the sunflower, etc, and irrigated lands because the Arroyo Guadalmazán passes by our municipal area.

In this area we can find the holm oaks located in the farms of Tocina and Veneguillas, where the people from Victoria gather annually to celebrate the festivity of San Isidro Labrador on 15 May.

La Victoria borders on Córdoba and La Carlota to the North; on La Rambla to the southwest and San Sebastián de los Ballesteros to the Southeast.

Its name comes from the place name given to its estate where it was located in the XVI century. Those lands, which belong to the religious people from the Order of San Francisco de Paula, were known with the same name that had the convent which the friars had in Córdoba, outsider the town: Nuestra Señora de la Victoria, old sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de las Huertas.

La Victoria starts to be a dependent population centre of La Rambla in the XVI century, when the bishop from Córdoba called Juan Daza Osorio gives Fray Francisco de Binet, general of the Order of Los Mínimos de San Francisco de Paula, the sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de las Huertas, in Córdoba. In order to support the new friars, the chapter from Córdoba assigns him some lands in the payment of La Guijarrosa. The arrival of temporary farm workers with their families to work the lands of Los Mínimos made that there were created some population centres –seven altogether – that together with the house of the order, started to be called Nuestra Señora de la Victoria.

The town La Victoria obtains its Liberation from La Rambla at the end of 1840, after a long dispute.

La Victoria Monuments

Parish Church of San Pedro de Alcántara (XIX century, neoclassic).

Archaeological Sites

Cortijo de Baneguillas Altas, Roman materials.

Casa de Federico Sime, Roman remains.

Choza de Nicolás, Roman remains.

Cortijo de la Cuesta and Cortijo del Cuco, Roman remains.

Torre de Don Lucas, Muslim origin (XII century), nowadays Hermitage de la Purísima Concepción.

Pago de Riaza (Iberian) and its Iberian bull of funeral origin.

Town Planning

Paseo de La Victoria.
Victoria Vieja, work house of the friars Mínimos and origin of the present town.
Cortijo de San Rafael.

La Victoria Gastronomy

Cold meats, among then we have to emphasize the Chorizos called “rosarios” and the Morcilla de cebolla. Judías palomeras (made with dove meat and partridge). Potato croquettes. Chicken in sauce.

Sweets: Rosco de Melón (you have to cut in slices the fruit, and add the gin, aguardiente dulce, cinnamon and glace cherry).

How to get there

From Córdoba: it is to 23 kilometres and you can access by the A-4 / E-5 until Aldea Quintana and later you have to take the A-2103 until La Victoria.
From Sevilla: it is to 123 kilometres and you can access by the A-4 / E-5 until Aldea Quintana and later you have to take the A-2103 until La Victoria.
From Granada: it is to 160 kilometres and you can access by the A-329; the N-432; the CV-44; the CV-VII; the CP-128; the CP-255; the CP-250 until La Victoria.
From Málaga: it is to 145 kilometres and you can access by the N-331; A-92; A-44; A-386; CO-731 and CP-073 until La Victoria.
From Madrid: it is to 420 kilometres and you can access by the A-4 / E-5 until Aldea Quintana and later you have to take the Motorway A-2103 until La Victoria.

Distances from La Victoria

Córdoba 30 km
La Carlota 12 km
Fernán Nuñez 14 km
Montemayor 18 km
Aldea Quintana 4 km
San Sebastián de los Ballesteros 4,5 km

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