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Water Dams in Málaga

La Viñuela Dam

Water Dams in Málaga

La Viñuela Dam & Reservoir

La Viñuela Dam is located on the Guaro river, in the municipality of La Viñuela and controls the waters of the hydrographic network of the region of La  Axarquía. It has been built to supply to the region and to improve the irrigated lands.

The Guaro river is born in Periana and receives waters from its tributaries, the Sabar , Benamargosa, and Salia rivers.


It is the key piece of the ” Plan of Use of the Guaro river and its tributaries”, developed in two phases:

– 1st Phase: Construction of the Reservoir of La Viñuela.

– 2nd Phase: Capture and incorporation to the reservoir of the floods of the different rivers, subtributaires and tributaires of the Guaro  downstream from the dam.


– Supply of drinkable water to the urban cores of the oriental Costa del Sol, between Malaga and Nerja.

– Irrigation of 8.000 hectares of subtropical and extra-early horticultural cultivations.

– Lamination of avenues.

– Possibly, supply to the city of Malaga.

The basin of the La Viñuela reservoir has an own  surface of 119 km2, an average yearly rainfall of 893 mm and an average yearly contribution of 25 hm3.

The reservoir is made of loose materials(Embankment Dam) and mixed plant, having a coronation length of  460 m, a foundations height of 96 m and a height over the riverbed of 90 m.

Its overflow pipe is located at the right stirrup, with frontal lobe in arch with a pouring length of 30 m and a flow of 281 m3/sec.

Bottom drainage in detour tunnel with 2 pipes. Flow of 70 m3/sec.

The Reservoir of La Viñuela has a surface of 565 hectares and has a capacity of 170 hm3. The length of the river affected is 6,2 km.

La Viñuela Dam & Reservoir

Presa La Viñuela

Presa La Viñuela

Presa La Viñuela

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