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Villages in Sevilla

Las Cabezas de San Juan

Villages in Sevilla

Las Cabezas de San Juan

The town of Las Cabezas de San Juan occupies a transitional space between the countryside and marshes of the Guadalquivir. It is located at the southern tip of the province of Sevilla, bordering with Cádiz. In 1996 it had a population of 15,509 inhabitants, of which about 90% resided in the main area. Among the other entities of the term we have to include the villages of Marismilla, San Leandro, Vetaherrado and Sacramento.

Due to its location the territory that nowadays occupies Las Cabezas de San Juan has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

There were found remains of Roman and Iberian ages that corroborate this claim, such as the stone lions and a sculpture of a seated woman located today at the Archaeological Museum of Sevilla.

The reconquest occurred between 1250 and 1255 being delivered to the Order of San Juan.

Until the XVI century its strategic territorial situation between Muslims and Christians makes it very important but in this century and with the completion of the reconquest it loses its value to decline in population and even abandoning its castle.

It was not until the XIX century when it came to be relevant to host the start of the first Spanish Constitution in 1812 with the “Pronunciamiento de Riego”. After that, the court granted the title of city but when the court left the power Las Cabezas went back into decline.

Nowadays we could talk about a recovery of the population with significant improvement of infrastructure.

Monuments in Las Cabezas de San Juan

Cultural Centre
San Juan Bautista Church
San Roque Parish
Sor Angela Convent
Complejo Endorreico de Lebrija-Las Cabezas

Cautivo Chapel: The Cautivo Chapel is located in the C/ Virgen de la Cabeza with Avenida Ancha, next to the Jardines de Juan Bernabé Britto (Gardens). It´s a recently work, it was inaugurated in 2002. It shelters Jesus Cautivo by Juan Bernabe Britto, and Virgen de los Remedios and all Juan Bernabe Brito´s work. This chapel was built by the own brothers and with the effort of all the village.

Cautivo Chapel

How to get there

You have to exit Sevilla, take Avenida de Jerez and then: E-5 / N-IV, cross Bellavista and take: N-IV, crossing Dos Hermanas, take the exit towards Cádiz, Dos Hermanas, follow towards Salida 13. Take Avenida de Sevilla and cross Los Palacios and Villafranca. Take: SE-9010, passing near El Trobal. Turn left: SE-9017. Turn right: SE-691 and continue to Las Cabezas de San Juan.

Distances from the town

Sevilla 52 km
Utrera 35 km
Lebrija 15 km
Torre del Águila 26 km
El Palmar de Troya 22 km

Las Cabezas de San Juan

Ayuntamiento de las Cabezas de San Juan

Plaza de la Constitución

Plaza Mártires del Pueblo

Plaza Mártires del Pueblo, Las Cabezas de San Juan

Malillo Corner

The Malillo Corner is located near the Town Hall, just a couple of minutes from San Bautista Parish Church and from Sor Angela Convent.

It is one of the most beautiful corners in the city. In it, art and elegance were born, characters from the flamenco world like Pepa Montes and painters like Paco Coto. It is the scene of one of the most important flamenco festivals in Seville: FESTIVAL DE LA HIERBABUENA (MINTS FESTIVAL), created in 1970, it is still being held nowadays.

Jardines de Juan Bernabé Britto

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