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Castles in Málaga, Ronda Monuments

Laurel Castle

Castles in Málaga, Ronda Monuments

Laurel Castle – Ronda

The Laurel Castle is located just a couple of minutes from the Church of Espiritu Santo, the Walls of La Cijara and the Almocábar Door, in the Andalusian town of Ronda.

When the Romans arrived, Ronda and his region had to be divided between natives and outsiders, about whom there are still many doubts, although we can assume that Ronda already from the first moments begins to act as a border and refuge of diverse populations.

Scipio founded a series of military orders, one of them located in Arunda, which induces to think to Lozano that it was this Arundian order that constructed the primitive Castle of Laurel or Laurus. It was this predominant building within the urban fabric of the city and its foundations were used by the Muslims to build their fortress and from here the “City” was generated, in the upper part, and not in continuation of the Roman location, in the low zones, near the water supply.

In front of the castle, behing the square, was the mosque and behind it spread the population to the edges of the rock. In the place where the village of Laurus was located, the Jewish quarter was located, around the first Christian church (Santa Cecilia, now Father Jesus).

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