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Villages in Huelva

Linares de la Sierra

Villages in Huelva

Linares de la Sierra

Linares de la Sierra is a small town located between Alájar and Aracena, in the middle of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Aracena and los Picos de Aroche, one of the most important protected areas of the community which occupies the entire north of the province with its meadows and small hills covered predominantly with oak forests, cork trees, chestnut trees and scrub, where numerous streams flow, forming a place of extraordinary beauty. It is ideal for livestock, especially for the Iberian pig, which finds the conditions ideal.

Its cobbled streets, the Parish Church of S. Juan Bautista, public baths, terraced houses and its surroundings make it a place of great attraction and beauty.

Like other towns in the Sierra, Linares was occupied by Muslims and Portugese before passing into Castilian hands under the jurisdiction of the Council of Seville in the thirteenth century. The Arab presence can be detected in the irrigation systems, in many place names, and some say in the labyrinthine layout of the streets.

The town grew under the dependence of Aracena and in 1640 fell under the dominion of the Count-Duke of Olivares. The title of town was not obtained until 1754, and was granted by Ferdinand VI.

The eighteenth century was an era of expansion in Linares, as it was in most of the Sierra, and resulted in a sharp increase in population and the construction of a parish church.

The nineteenth century represents the height of the towns population, which amounted to 1021 inhabitants in 1857, with the population falling dramatically since the early twentieth century, being absorbed first by the mining “boom” of Andévalo and later by the rural exodus of the 60s.

Today the population has stabilized and seems to be enjoying a period of prosperity thanks to tourism, and people from the cities who see Linares de la Sierra as an ideal location in which to enjoy a good quality of life.

Linares de la Sierra Monuments

Parish Church, eighteenth century.

Urban Sites

Houses from the eighteenth and nineteenth century
Conjunto de puente y lavadero.

Linares de la Sierra Gastronomy

The typical gastronomy of the place is based on products of the Iberian pig made locally. And for desserts, you must try el piñonate (candied pine nuts), peras a lo pobre (pears with onions) and manzanas con azucar (apples with sugar).


If you come from Huelva you must take the Huelva-Badajoz road (CN-435), there are then several possibilities. The simplest, is on reaching the junction with the CN-433, after passing Jabugo, take this road towards Sevilla, and after passing Galaroza at KM 7 you will find Fuenteheridos and Aracena, from here follow the signs to Linares de la Sierra.

Another option is to abandon the CN-435 once you pass Zalamea la Real, and pass through the mining area (Rio Tinto, Nerva, Campofrio) until you reach Aracena, from where it is only 8 km to Linares de la Sierra.

Distances from Linares de la Sierra

Nerva 42 km
Sevilla 94 km
Huelva 111 km
Aracena 8 km
Jabugo 21 km
Aroche 42 km
Fuenteheridos 11 km
Zalamea la Real 45 km

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