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Castles in Málaga

Lízar Castle

Castles in Málaga

Lízar Castle or Frigiliana Castle

Lizar Castle or Frigiliana Castle is located on the Cerro de Lízar, in the municipality of Frigiliana, in the Sierras de Almijara, Tejeda y Alhama Natural Park, Málaga province.

There are hardly any remains of the Lizar Castle. It occupied and ara of 40010 m2 and was demolished in 1569, according to the chronicles, under the order of Don Luis de Requenses, commander of Castilla, with the approval of King Felipe II, who would aspire to see the town disappear after the Moorish uprising of 1569, and whose demoition order was intended that the castle would never again be a Moorish refuge.

The exact date of construction is not known, although some authors suggest it in the ninth century, coinciding with the revolt of Omar Ben Hafsun against the emir of Córdoba, whose military actions reached here, while others take it to the eleventh century coinciding with the construction of other similar enclosures by the Almoravids.

The structure of its interior plot is not known, since no archaeological excavations have been carried out. Yes, part of the exterior layout is known, thanks to the conservation of some low wall and remnants of walls, which would place the castle covering the entire crown of the Lizar hill. It is assumed that the defense of the castle would have several towers and at least one access from the south face, towards the town, although it could also have another door on the north face, an easier access point.

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