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Presas de Embalse en Badajoz

Llerena Dam and Reservoir

Presas de Embalse en Badajoz

Llerena Dam and Reservoir – Arroyo Conejos

Llerena Dam was built on the bed of the Arroyo Conejo in 1989, in the municipalities of Higuera de Llerena and Berlanga, province of Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain.

Concrete gravity dam with 4 bays. The Llerena Dam has a crest lenght of 490 meters and a height from foundation of 23 meters. Centralyspillway with fixed lip with a length of 43 meters.

Llerena reservoir belongs to the Guadiana River Basin and has a capacity of 8,9 hm3. The basin surface is 101 km2 with an average annual contribution of 10,8 hm3.

Uses of the Reservoir

Supply (supplies the towns of Ahillones, Berlanga, Granja de Torrehermosa, Higuera de Llerena, Llera, Llerena, Maguilla, Puebla del Maestre, Trasierra, Valencia de las Torres, Valverde de Llerena and Villagarcía de la Torre y Azuaga)

Distances from Higuera de Llerena

Llera 10 km
Azuaga 34 km
Berlanga 19 km
Ahillones 23 km
Trasierra 26 km
Puebla del Maestre 41 km
Valverde de Llerena 30 km
Villagarcía de la Torre 25 km
Valencia de las Torres 3,5 km
Granja de Torrehermosa 43 km

Llerena Dam and Reservoir - Arroyo Conejos

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