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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Lobras, Alpujarra Village

Lobras is a town which has the essential characteristics defining the image of the Alpujarra villages, a unique architecture in their homes, perfectly adapted to the roughness of the terrain and climate of the area, with narrow steep streets with a distinct memory of its Moorish past. It lies in the heart of the Alpujarras, a region unique in the Iberian Peninsula, a natural step between the Mediterranean coast and the Sierra Nevadas, where the highest peaks of the Spanish territory are to be found.

Lobras is bordered to the north by the municipalities of Bérchules to the east by Cádiar and Murtas, to the south by Albondón , to the west by Cástaras and to the northwest by Juviles.

The origins of this small town date back to the early years of Islamic rule, although it is thought very possible that there were earlier settlements here to mine for mercury, long since inactive. After many centuries of peace, came the war of Reconquista (reconquest) by the Catholic monarchs, and later violent clashes caused by the rebellion of the Moors.

Their expulsion after the repression was carried out by the armies of Juan de Austria.

Since the depopulation of the sixteenth century, Lobras has never been a large population centre and the population remains very low rates due to natural ageing, but there is now hope of recovery thanks to rural tourism.


Iglesia del Santo Cristo de la Ascension
Iglesia Parroquial de San Agustin (Parish Church)

Lobras Gastronomy

Around Lobras oil, almonds and corn are produced, also wine for home consumption. One of the unique local recipes is the ‘St. Augustine Fritadilla’ (traditional food of this festival), made with lamb or pork chunks, green peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, roasted peppers and extra virgin olive oil.


From Granada head for Motril by the Autovia de Sierra Nevada and from here you have two possibilities:

  1. Take the detour La Alpujarra – Lanjaron, a little longer, but passes through the towns of Lanjaron and Orgiva.
  2. Take the detour that is a few kilometres later, after Rules Dam, towards Velez de Benaudalla, from here follow the directions: 1 Órgiva, 2 Torvizcon and lastly Lobras.

From Almería

  • The fastest and easiest way is to head to La Rabita and from there go to Albuñol, Albondón and Lobras.
  • You can also go via Alhama de Almería or Berja, you will pass many more villages of the Alpujarras, this is a much longer route.

Distances from Lobras

Cádiar 11 km
Ugíjar 25 km
Órgiva 35 km
Laroles 37 km
Granada 87 km
Jorairatar 27 km
Lucainena 32 km
Laujar  de Andarax 43 km
Velez de Benaudalla 46 km

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