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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Loja, Poniente Granadino Region

Loja is located in the Western area of Granada, it borders on Algarinejo, Zagra, Montefrío, Villanueva de Mesía, Huétor Tájar, Salar, Alhama de Granada and Zafarraya within the province; on Alfarnate, Villanueva del Trabuco, Villanueva de Algaidas, Villanueva de Tapia and Archidona, in Málaga, and on Iznájar, in Córdoba.

Iznajar Dam & Reservoir

The origins of Loja go back to Prehistoric.

Loja was named by the Phoenicians Alfeia, by the Romans Tricolia and by the Arabs Medina Lauxa or Loxa.

It was a big commercial centre specializing in the buying and selling of the spices when in the year 893 it was destroyed; then it would be rebuilt and repopulated by Abdallah ben Mohammad.

During the Moslem domination, Fernando III, in the year 1224, comes back to devastate its fortress being reconstructed a year later by Alhamar I, king of Granada. In 1482, Fernando the Catholic will try to conquest it, but this attempt was again blocked by Aliatar, lord of Zagra and Moraima’s father, Boabdil’s wife. Loja was conquest once and for all in May of 1486. Its first mayor was D. Álvaro de Luna. The Catholic king will surrender in dominion the City, more as a title of exile than as reward to his military victories, to Don Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, who has gone down in History with the nickname of “Gran Capitán”.

In 1799, Ramón María Narváez was born in the City, he was also known as the “Espadón de Loja”, Head of Government of Isabel II and a prominent military figure of the Carlist Wars.

From 1841, Loja took part in the activities of cantonalista activities of rebellion in Andalucía and, in 1861, it suffered the hard repression of the general Pavía.

Between its events we can find, at Christmas in 1884, the serious damage produced by the Earthquake of Andalucía, which caused huge human and material losses.

A city and province of Ecuador has the same name as Loja, which was founded in 1553 by the Spanish captain Alonso de Mercadillo.

Loja Monuments

Main Church of Encarnación
Church of San Gabriel
Church of Santa Catalina
Church of Ntra. Sra. Virgen de la Caridad
Hermitage of Jesús Nazareno
Hermitage of San Roque
Hermitage of Calvario
Convent of Santa Clara
Cloister of the Convent San Fco. de Asís
Caserón de los Alcaides Cristianos
Pósito Nuevo
Old House of Cabildos
Palace of Narváez
Mausoleum of Narváez
Gardens of Narváez
El Aliatar
Bridges of Riofrío
Bridges of Barrancón
Bridge over the river Genil

Loja Gastronomy

Loja, which was already presented by Al-Idrisi like an important knot of communications, has kept and took care of a huge number of uses and traditions. We have to emphasize the gastronomic traditions: sobrehúsa of beans (stew), remojón of orange (orange, oil and sugar), fritter, gazpacho and the famous bread rolls and huesos de santo (marzipan). The most popular cookery and the most elaborate culinary arts coexist in the gastronomic offer of Loja. We have to point the importance of the trout that has its particular paradise in Riofrío and combined with the recent marketing of the sturgeon and its caviar with a beluga quality.

How to get there

It is located next to the Motorway A-92 (CN-342), axle where nowadays takes place many of the journeys within our Autonomous Region, this allows that from the remote provincial capitals you do not take more than three hours to get the city, and the international airports of Granada or Málaga are located to half and one hour respectively.

We can find two approach roads which crosses the Motorway A-92, the N-321 Bailén-Málaga, and the C-334 that links Lucena with Loja.

We can also get the city by means of the railway which has within the Municipal Area these three stops, Loja, San Francisco and Riofrío; besides the stops of Huétor Tájar and Salinas that are very near Loja.

Distances from Loja

Salar 10 km
Granada 54 km
Zafarraya 35 km
Huétor – Tájar 14 km
Ventas de Huelma 49 km
Alhama de Granada 33 km
Moraleda de Zafayona 22 km


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    Busco un e-mail del parroco de la iglesia de Santa Catalina para pedir partida de nacimiento, bautismo y matrimonio de mi abuelo, nacido en Loja.
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    Estoy buscando la partida de mi abuelo JOSE MARIA GAMIZ CACERES nacido en Loja, Granada el 27 de Febrero de 1886

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