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Castles in Granada

Lojuela Castle

Castles in Granada

Lojuela Castle or Murchas Castle

The Lojuela Castle or Murchas Castle  is located in Murchas, population belonging to Lecrín.

It is the only one from the Caliphate period in the Lecrín Valley (Valle de Lecrín), fortress of the old disappeared population, which would be around the current “Lojuera era). There have been remains of some houses and their Arab cemetery.

The wall is preserved and the keep tower behind are its most significant elements. The construction of its walls was made with pressed earth and greasy lime but between its walls can be witnessed many reamins of Roman pottery that once  used to rotate the amalgan presa of the walls, this shows that there were remains of Roman settlements nearby.

The lower part of the wall is made of masonry, the tower on the cliff of the Dúrcal river, placed at a strategic point to dominate the valley (durning the Caliphate period), also stands out.

The tower is surrounded by a wall of walls that rest directly on it in a stepped manner, adapting to the relief, the north wall is conserved almost intact, whose construction is made of earth covered with a flat roof.

The outer part of the tower is covered with a layer of plaster giving it a completely flat appearance of a reddish earthy color.

The fortification is quite separated from the town in the middle of the fertile plain and is one of the best preserved in the area.

Lecrín Town Hall

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