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Villages in Cadiz

Los Barrios

Villages in Cadiz

Los Barrios

Los Barrios is one of the towns that have had most importance in Cádiz, being one of places with most quality of life from the surroundings, having a remarkable development in the last years with a great town-planning and economic growth.

Los Barrios has a large city centre, the towns of Los Cortijillos, Guadacorte, Puente Romano and the sailor small village of Palmones. It also has a leading industry and one of the most important shopping and leisure centres in Andalucía.

The city centre is located to four kilometres from La Bahía de Algeciras, in a small valley watered by the River Palmones (Embalse de Charco Redondo). It is a modern, clean and calm town; with an old quarter, the city centre in full expansion and an extensive perimeter of housing developments emphasizing its impeccable parks. It has four primary education schools, two secondary schools and the “Fundación Universitaria Villa de Los Barrios” that has agreements with the universities of Cádiz, Málaga, Granada, Salamanca, Sevilla and Rey Juan Carlos I from Madrid.

One of the attractions of the town is their numerous parks and botanical gardens, places where you can relax and enjoy the nature in the centre of the town. We can emphasize the botanical park called Betty Molesworth that has the biggest place dedicated to grassland of the Campo de Gibraltar (area of Spain around the border with Gibraltar). The culture is represented by the Natural History Museum.

Los Barrios has its origin in the country houses where the Gibraltarians, in 1704, took refuge from the seizure of the rock by the English, in the left bank of the River Palmones, nowadays village of this town. Most of these refugees formed a group a few years later, around the country estate of Tinoco, located in what nowadays we can find the square of San Isidro.

It is told that during the Napoleonic invasion in the Casa de las Doncellas the mayor gave shelter to the maids of the town.

The most historic splendid age of Los Barrios coincides with Carlos III’s reign.

Natural Park of Los Alcornocales

Los Barrios Monuments

Town Hall
Iglesia Square
Casa del Pósito
Casa de las Doncellas
Entre Rios Watchtower
La Montera del Torero
Natural History Museum
Constitucion Promenade
The Old Hospital de la Caridad
Parish Church of San Isidro Labrador
The Gómez Pecino or Urrutia Residence

Los Barrios Gastronomy

Cold meats. Olives. Pork scratching. Stew with tagarninas (a plant). Tomato soup. Kid meat. Snails with pennyroyal.

Sweets: Tortas de pellizco (flour, yeast, salt, water, olive oil, sugar and cinnamon).

How to get there

You have to exit Cádiz, pass near Jerez de la Frontera and follow towards Medina Sidonia – Algeciras. Then continue in the Motorway A-381, take the exit towards Salida 80, C-440, Los Barrios (oeste) Service road. You have to follow the signs until you get Los Barrios.

Distances from Los Barrios

Gibraltar 20 km
Cádiz 116 km
Málaga 136 km
Marbella 82 km

Los Barrios

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