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Villages in Sevilla

Los Corrales

Villages in Sevilla

Los Corrales

The municipality of Los Corrales is situated in the southeastern area of the province of Seville, being bordered by that of Malaga and under the jurisdiction of the comarca (region) of the Sierra Sur. In 1996 it had a population of 4,150 inhabitants. The main village is located in an enclave of rolling countryside near the Sierra de los Caballos.

The first settlements have been known since Roman times and abundant remains of this era have been found in the area. It may be that these are the remains belonging to Ilipa or llipula minor, according to Antonino, these having been situated nearby.

After the Christian conquest the village was deserted. The modern Los Corrales emerged with the establishment of the livestock farms started by the Duchy of Osuna and the creation a village called Puebla de Corrales.

In the late eighteenth century the Ayuntimiento was established and in 1802 was awarded the title of “villa” by King Charles IV.

Los Corrales Monuments

The parish church of St. James is of the eighteenth century, possibly built on a former hermitage or chapel. It has a cover between pilasters and arched over it is a triangular pediment adorned with finials. To the left of the façade is a belfry with bells. It is a church with three naves with columns, vaulted roofs, and a semicircular dome, of good construction.
The altarpiece is dominated by an image of the Sevillian sculptor Rafael Lafarque, depicting Jesus Nazareno (Jesus of Nazereth). On the right is the chapel of the patron saint, Our Lady of Buen Suceso (Good Success), a seventeenth-century painting. Towards the middle of the nave is another representation of the patron, but fully dressed, which is carried in procession on the first Sunday of May.
The baptismal font of this parish is of jasper (a precious stone), which was donated by the Duke of Osuna 1776 as is recorded on the font.
In the sacristy there is a beautiful painting attributed to Juan del Castillo, 17th century, representing San Antonio de Padua. From this and from the Virgin of Good Success, we can deduce that before the present parish, of the eighteenth century, there was another church of at least the previous century.

Huerta de la Fuente del Esparto
Cortijo de Repla


Out of Seville. Take: A-92 towards Antequera . Pass near Alcala de Guadaira. Take the exit towards La Puebla de Cazalla, exit 63. In La Puebla de Cazalla, take: SE-451. Take: SE-452. Take: A-92. Exit 84 – Osuna – Martin de la Jara – Los Corrales. Around Osuna, turn right: A-378. Pass Martin de la Jara. Take: A-360 to Los Corrales.

Distances from Los Corrales

Malaga 94 km
Sevilla 112 km
Campillos 21 km
Antequera 45 km
Martin de la Jara 2.5 km
La Puebla de Cazalla 44 km

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